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  1. Holley EFI Systems
    I recently data-logged a pass at the track on my turbo car and the timing appears to jump all over the place on the this typical? I have a screenshot of the graph, but I can't figure out how to post it on here or attach it. The car runs great, but it does seem like it is hitting a...
  2. Power Adders For Sale
    Let me start by saying this came with a car. I have pictures of it on the car, and I know the car was running when it was parted out. Otherwise, I have zero information regarding Manufacturer, mileage, etc. You will get a complete kit. Headers, crossover, Turbonetics 72mm T4 turbo, Turbonetics...
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    I'm selling parts I don't need so I can finish my coupe. Used Parker FunnelWeb intake. Polished, Converted to efi, includes Aeromotive Billet Fuel rails. $400 shipped Used Wilson Manifolds sideways 4150 throttle body elbow. SOLD Located in Scottsville, KY
  4. Fuel System & Related
    I'm selling parts I have no use for. New Aeromotive 11102 Pro Series Pump - $700 shipped New Aeromotive 16306 Billet Pump Controller $300 shipped. Used SD 60# injectors SOLD Located in Scottsville, KY
  5. Power Adders For Sale
    I'm selling a brand new C.R.T. Built BW S480 with V2 Race Cover. T4 (1.0 a/r) 87mm Turbine, 80mm compressor wheel V2 Race Cover. 1000+hp capable, and will work well on 300-347ci Asking $1650 shipped. This turbo will cost you $1800+ from C.R.T. Located in Scottsville, KY
  6. Electronics and Entertainment
    I'm selling off everything I don't need in order to complete my race engine. Brand New Holley HP EFI for SBF. 550-606N (ECU, USB Cable, power harness, engine harness, sbf injector harness, NTK WBO2 sensor coolant temp, air temp, and map sensor). Also has the 558-305 TFI ignition adapter...
  7. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a new (no box) Holley HP/Dominator EFI main engine harness for the 99-04 modular engines. Part number is 558-108. I'm asking $300 shipped. Just collecting dust. Located in Scottsville, KY 270-619-3472 I took it in on trade.
  8. Windsor Engine Parts
    I'm parting out my car, and I have quite a few parts for sale. All parts are in Scottsville, KY and willing to ship at buyers expense. 270-619-3472 SVO Engine Block F5ZM-8010-VR35– 4.155” bore, bushed lifter bores (.874”), 302 mains, 9.2” deck. 4 bolt mains on center 3, stock cam tunnel. Needs...
  9. Exterior Parts
    I'm parting my car out, and I have a OEM (FORD) SN95 Front Bumper Cover for sale. Asking $250.00. Pickup only!! Located in Scottsville, KY 270-619-3472
  10. Suspension
    I'm parting out my mustang, and listing the suspension parts here. Everything is NEW, except the K Member. Team Z Standard Metal Matrix K Member $200.00(Updated the K member is a metal matrix) Team Z SN95 Mini Tubs $115.00 Shipping is up to the buyer. Located in Scottsville, KY 270-619-3472
  11. Drivetrain Parts
    I'm parting out my car, and have a new (built last month, and never installed) Chromoly Fabricated 9". M&R House of Speed in Clarksville, TN built it on a jig. Stock Suspension 3.5" Axle Tubes Internal Gussests Big Ford Ends Multi Hole Upper/Lower Control Arm mounts with doublers (1/2" Holes)...
  12. Windsor Engine Parts
    FS: Like new Oliver Billet I Beam Rods. Std. Weight. 2.100" journal, 6.25" length, .927" pin, WSB bolts (stretched once), 60 runs on them. Asking $700 shipped. pictures by request.
1-12 of 12 Results