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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    Please email or PM me if you have any questions as I have alot of items I am selling on here. [email protected] Mafia sold! Factory IC pump motor relay - $50 plus shipping or any PayPal fees.
  3. S197 Mustang GT (2011-2014)
    Well, I have had a few days to play with the new inTune handheld tuner from DiabloSport on my 2011 GT. First thing I did is plug the unit into my laptop and let it auto-update. After the update was complete (5min) I went to my car and quickly uploaded a tune. The initial PCM Flash was very...
  4. Moss Muscle
    We've got a hot new tuner here at and we're excited to show it off to you! The inTune Programmer from DiabloSport is a small hand-held tuner with a full-color touch screen that's super easy to use and has all the options you need to get the most power out of your 1998-2013...
  5. Electronics and Entertainment
    Fully featured Diablo Predator handheld tuner with digital display. Includes the original box and user manual. I have to change tuners because my dyno tuner uses a different system, so this is available. Works on 98-04 GT, Bullitt, Mach 1; 98-03 V6; 98-01 Cobra. Available from American Muscle...
  6. Moss Muscle
    If your looking to get the most power out of your new cold air intake or exhaust for your 1998-2010 Mustangs or you need to re-calibrate your speedometer or tachometer due to a tire or gear change check out the Predator handheld tuner by Diablosport. The Predator is easy to install and with its...
  7. DiabloSport
    Some Useful information about the Diablosport Trinity Programmer NEWLY RELEASED! After spending time here at Diablosport in both the Tech Support and Sales departments, it’s come to my attention that while the Trinity has a substantial number of happy users, confusion remains among those...
  8. SVT & DOHC
    U7146 v.9r04 2002 mustang gt my car is stock except for offroad x-pipe, 40 flowmasters, and 4.10 gears. I downloaded the 7r50 revision from a member off of the diablosport website and my tuner will not take it, i need help!!! Ok, i need a favor from my fellow corral members. I have this...
  9. Electronics and Entertainment
    40 shipped.obo brand new all parts in box. [email protected]
  10. Electronics and Entertainment
    Unlocked Diablosport Predator U7146 for 99-04 Mustang/Mach 1 I also have power adapter for inside use (so you don't have to have plugged into car to copy tunes to/from device) $175 shipped to US
  11. Electronics and Entertainment
    SOLD DiabloSport Revolution Flip Chips I have (2) of them. Local tuner swapped to SCT. Perfect condition. $75 each
  12. Engine Management Systems
    Hey folks, Like most anyone who's awake and aware and has a Mustang, I'd love to add an SCT or Diablo chip at some point. But, in all the online catalogs I look at, the different chips always have that dang asterisk indicating it's not legal for use on street vehicles in California. So, what I...
1-12 of 14 Results