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  1. Automotive Tools
    New/Mint Snap On Socket Sets! PN# 110STMY 1/4 deep chrome socket set with magnetic base/holder and plastic cover - Never Used 313TSYA - 1/2 chrome deep socket set 3/8-1 1/8. Literally the plastic wrap is still around most of it. I might have used one socket once for something light but...
  2. Rims Wheels and Tires
    Looking for a set of machined 03-04 Cobra Wheels w/ Tires, prefer drag radials on the rear, but can deal with street tires possibly. OEM ONLY! Or a set of deep dish 03 Cobras, or a set of deep dish Cobra R's, or a set of Chrome, or Black Deep Dish SC's, or a set or possibly White 18" Saleens...