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  1. Superchargers
    Just bought a 331 stroker w/ a D1SC procharger with no AC, well I want AC and wanna sell my renegade bracket and power steering bracket. Anyways can anyone give me a AC bracket part number or have one for sale. Thanks
  2. Superchargers
    Are there any more options for intakes on D1 prochargers for New Edge Mustangs? This is the one that came from Procharger, and it completely chokes the hell of of my head unit - like an additional 42 hp to the wheels (dyno) and 3 more PSI chokes down. The elbow from the head unit cuts at least...
  3. Power Adders For Sale
    ProCharger D1-SC Brackets for 4.6 2v (both styles, 96-99 & 00-04) Mounting hardware Most of the piping, no MAF tube, no intercooler All clamps and couplers Vortech Mondo bypass valve 3.2" pulleys (6 & 8 rib) Head unit seeps a little oil, not enough to ever show up on the dipstick. Pretty common...
  4. Superchargers
    I just made this video to see what RPM made what boost. Stock longblock, stock PI intake, stock exhaust manifolds, offroad H, Magnapack catback, D1SC w/ 3.2" pulley, stock crank pulley, ProCharger 2 core intercooler Stock longblock 2v with D1-SC w/ 3.2" pulley - YouTube
  5. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking for a bracket for an 00 GT if anyone has one lying around and willing to part with it at a reasonable price would be much appreciated it
  6. Power Adders For Sale
    PROCHARGER D1SC 4.6 2V CASH, US POSTAL MONEY ORDER OR PAYAP ONLY, NO TRADES!!!! I have a used Procharger D1SC, 96-04 Mustangs It has around 5000 miles on it. It works perfect. The motor is was on let go and it's been boxed up since. All the metal piping and bracket have been powder coated...
  7. Power Adders For Sale
    Ok everyone... I purchased the Procharger last year around July/August and ended up having to come up with injectors/fuel pump so never had time to install. I'm getting married in June and everything is costing more than I predicted (leave the wedding plans to the wife is a mistake)...
  8. Power Adders For Sale
    House of Boost Dedicated 4v mounting bracket: Looking to get 1200 for everything listed ( 2k in parts in installed but never used parts ) Comes with 2 front brackets for the cog or the supplied 8 rib pulley setup. Also comes with the tensioner that is required for an 8 rib setup. This...
  9. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking for a D1SC headunit. I have a P1SC home-polished willing to trade + $.
1-9 of 9 Results