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  1. Exterior Parts
    Used 07-09 Cowl Hood 2.5" Cervini's Vapor Silver Condition - Very Good. Less than 10k miles with this hood. Stored Inside. Couple small chips on top. Underside also very good. Couple small scrapes and scratches I wanted to go back to a stock hood. Reg Price on this hood is $650 New and $1050...
  2. Exterior Parts
    Cervini 4 Inch Cowl Hood (Foxbody) - $310 + the ride Hood was on a dark blue Saleen. Just needs minor prepping and is then ready for paint. Very, very good condition and fits well. Would be interested in a trade for stock fiberglass hood ONLY. The best way to reach me is through PM. Send...
  3. Exterior Parts
    Sail Panels - 10 pair 85 mustang mirrors - 15 each Cowls - 15 each
  4. Exterior Parts
    I have a few foxbody parts for sale guys. I can meet within a reasonable distance or can ship if you want to pay! if you want more pics or easiest way to get in touch is by cell 570-233-1622. Thanks! 1. Cervinis 4' cowl hood- good shape but it has a few flaws the front right corner is damaged...
  5. Electronics and Entertainment
    Looking for all those.
  6. Exterior Parts
    For 2 5/8 gauges. 87-93
  7. Electronics and Entertainment
    I need: 2 5/8 electric oil pressure 2 5/8 electric water temp 2 5/8 vacuum 2 5/8 volts Cowl gauge concepts...cowl panel Cell is 848-210-7714
  8. Exterior Parts
    Looking for a fiberglass cowl hood, bolt on, 87-93 stang Im in the new jersey area but im willing to pay shipping. call / text 848-210-7714 text prefered
  9. Exterior Parts
    Thinking of selling my Oxford White Cervini cowl hood off 2004 Cobra. Would need $475 picked up in Va. Let me know if you have interest. Thanks
  10. Exterior Parts
    Looking for 87-93 Cowl Gauge Pod Panel for dual 2 5/8 gauges Needs to work with wipers... Text 732-666-3404 for faster reply
  11. S197 and Coyote Parts
    Unfortunately selling my mustang and I have to put everything to stock. This was perhaps my favorite hood, and its hard for me to part with it, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Hood is in great condition, waxed every time after car was washed. Has only 1k miles on it. It has some fine...
  12. Exterior Parts
    I'm looking for a 4" to 5" cowl hood for my 92 fox. Located in MD. Let me know if you have anything! I have a good condition stock white hood that I could trade + cash on my end, although I'm not sure who would want do do that. Just throwing it out there. Thanks Corral.
  13. Exterior Parts
    I have an 08 wing in good shape. $75 Email me at [email protected]
  14. Exterior Parts
    looking for a 4-6 inch fiberglass hood, pin on or lift off it doesn't matter. I'm not wanting a brand new one or a used one with a brand new pricetag. Thanks
  15. cowl


  16. Exterior Parts
    For Sale: 87-93 Carbon Fiber 2.5” Cowl Induction Hood with smooth finished underside. It was bought from Brother's Performance. The hood is bolt on and made for the OEM hood latch but has been drilled for sparco style hood pins (not included but can be bought on ebay for about $20). The pin...
  17. Exterior Parts
    Im looking for a 3 or 4" cowl hood. Either a Kaenan or Cervinis. Bolt on. From Lancaster PA. PM me. Thanks. Dave
  18. Exterior Parts
    I am looking to sell the lift off hood of my 88 GT. It is a harwood hood and is part# 26301. This hood is not finished on the underside. Very light and easily removed by one person. It has zeus fastners on each side. 4 on each side and there are two holes in the front for two more. Looking...
  19. Autometer 2-5/8" on bracket for cowl mounting #1

    Autometer 2-5/8" on bracket for cowl mounting #1

    Home made bracket for added stiffness over conventional cowl mounted gauges.