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  1. SVT & DOHC
    96-98 Spark plug covers GROUP BUY! OK folks, I've been looking for a set of billet plug wire covers for my 97 for quite some time now. No Bueno! I'm reaching out to a couple of custom machine shops about doing a small run of these and wanted to see how much serious interest there is in these...
  2. Modular Engine Parts
    i have a pair of cop covers for sale. they are professionally painted with tuxedo black metallic paint with a little extra flake in it. they look great. pm me with an email or phone number so i can send you a couple of pics. im asking $40 shipped anywhere for them. you can make an offer. i need...
  3. 94/95 Tech
    Which cast valve covers will clear comp 1.6 rockers, and a holley systemax intake with a 1/2" spacer? I really dont like the factory stamped covers, and I'm having slight clearance issues between my rockers and the stock valve covers.
  4. Modular Engine Parts
    4v DOHC blue valve covers NEW 07-12 5.4 I've got 2 sets of valve covers for sale. I picked these up a few years ago and have no practical use for them other than some man cave pieces. These are brand new and never even made it to a warehouse. They came straight from the manufacturer where they...
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    Ford Racing Tall Valve Covers SOLD! Starter, fits 79-91 302/351W, I would keep it for a spare but I have a 93. $20 plus ship Alternator SOLD! AC Delete Bracket for 86-93 Mustang, unsure of what brand, was told it was March, but it looks similar to a Trick Flow. Im posting a pic of it on the...
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking for a set of valve covers that say either "347 stroker" or "347 C.I. Stroker" Shoot me a text 848-210-7714
  7. Modular Engine Parts
    Please call or text me as soon as u see this I need them for my coil on plugs I have the oldshol coil pack style valve covers and the coils won't fit 9564830593
  8. S197 Mustang GT (2011-2014)
    Here is a pic of my car with the black billet grille upgrade and headlight covers. I also have the tailight covers on it as well.
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    Everything is out of a 94 Cobra 94-95 OEM Cobra Intake Manifold & Stock Throttle Body, includes upper bolts (not originals), doesnt appear to have ever been messed with, modified or ported, could use a bit of cleaning. TPS is still on the tb, but I believe it to be bad. $350 SHIPPED! 94-95...
  10. Modular Engine Parts
    drivers side valve cover 4.6 (windsor) SOLD
1-17 of 17 Results