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  1. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    Flex-a-lite Black Magic Xtreme 15'' electric fan for Foxbody - I just upgraded my supercharger crank pulley, so I went with a different cooling fan set up. This fan is in perfect working order. Had been using this fan for the past few years, no issues on my daily, Florida car with A/C. Zero...
  2. Modular Engine Parts
    stock factory cooling fan for a 97-04 Mustang. No problems with fan, I bought is for a project and never used it. $50 OBO
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    I bought a FK75 fan controller brand new a couple months ago. My '06 Jeep SRT-8 was running hot. I'd replace nearly every part of the cooling system, including several thermostats. I remembered my Fox Mustang days (I miss them), and how great my DC Controller was, so decided to give it a shot...
  4. General Mustang Tech
    Hey guys I'm new and did a search but couldn't find out what I need. Basically I have a 93 lx notch in az, right now it has (cooling related) a 180* thermostat 3 row alum radiator stock fan and clutch no air dam... I changed from the 160* because the car would run cool for awhile (160-170) and...
  5. General Mustang Tech
    Has anyone tried out the Engineered Cooling Products radiator? They have a pretty convincing ad on ebay and I am thinking about going with it. I am planning on running low 12's or high 11's in the quarter but don't want to have to upgrade if I end up going a little further. If i don't go with...
  6. GT & SOHC
    Hi, i'm new here and i really need your help. my cooling fan won't turn on at all. I thought it might be the ccrm, replaced that still the same. The i replaced the cooling temperature sensor, still the same. Checked the fuses they are ok. So what should i do next? Thanks...
  7. Modular Engine Parts
    anyone has a passenger coolant outlet, pm me if u have an extra one lying around? looking to do the cooling mod.
  8. General Mustang Tech
    Just finished up the fan upgrade and im really impressed how well it worked. Picked up the dual fan unit (two fans and shroud) from a local u-pull it junkyard (fan was laying on the ground lucky me!). came with the wiring intact, reused the plugs for fans. COST ME $35$. i used a hayden wiring...
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    Brand New Fluidyne radiator for 79-93 Fox-sold Brand new Fluidyne aluminum radiator. Part number FHP 20-93MU for 79-93 Fox Mustangs. Still resides in it's original box. In fact, it was only out of it's box once to take these pics.
  10. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    OEM Ford Fan and Clutch (No cracks) $60 Shipping included
  11. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hey everyone, just a quick question to see if this is normal or not.... I just recently replaced my head gaskets after i blew them at a launch, and caused some serious over-pressurization of the cooling system which is why i'm worried that I did it again. I have an overfill tank, and not a...
  12. General Mustang Tech
    Found this kit on ebay. Uses a Lincoln Mark VIII Fan that comes premodded to fit fox body and all the wiring and sensors. About $120 after shipping, seems like a pretty good deal. I'm wanting to switch to an electric fan setup and this seems easy. Also looking for a good but not to expensive...
  13. Windsor Engine Parts
  14. Electronics and Entertainment RARE. You don't see these too often. This thing worked flawlessly when I used it. It looks brand new right down to the ends of the wires - it's practically new old stock - seriously. It was kept under the seat so it was...
  15. Windsor Engine Parts
    We have a limited quantity of nice used 1993-1995 Cobra "R" cooling system degas bottles in stock. Order on-line or call...
  16. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    The reason I ask is that my serpentine belt is running around the alternator, crank and just skimming the water pump pulley. The problem is that i can actually move the water pump pully with my bare hand. Although I'm currently not experiencing any cooloing problem, I feel that the pump probably...
  17. Modular Engine Parts
    I'm looking for a thermostat housing for a 96-98 Cobra. I may be interested in other cooling stuff. I already have a radiator and overflow tank. Let me know what you have and how much. thanks
  18. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a stock radiator out of a 90 GT, brass tanks. Worked great with a high compression 347. Car never overheated. No leaks. $50, OBO. Shipping extra.
  19. Windsor Engine Parts
    Be Cool aluminum 2-row radiator for 79-93 Mustang. More info: with 13 psi Be Cool aluminum radiator cap: This set up is around $550 and has never had any water or coolant run through it. It was used for...
  20. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    For Sale is a stock 90 LX 5.0L 2 core radiator. I have since upgraded to an aluminum radiator and this one has been sitting in my garage for almost a year now. No leaks when I took it out, and it has not been abused since then. $25 Plus shipping - local pickup welcome. TravisT