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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
    SOLD!! A9L Computer SOLD!
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    It appears as though mine has quit sending pulse timing correctly to cylinders 2-4. Looking for a new ecu. Let me know if you have one of the ecu's listed below: 2003-04 Mach1 manual: ZYA0, ZYA1, ZYA2, TMX0, TMX2 Pm or text is best. Five-oh-three-709-three three three three. Thanks.
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    60 pin main computer harness for J4J1 (94/5 Cobra Computer) $150 EFI Injector harness for 94/5 - $85 OBO on everything, make offers, need this gone. All this stuff came off of my running/driving 95 Cobra, only took it off because running fox harness/computer because motor is going into 86...
  4. Electronics and Entertainment
    Need a computer for a AOD 5.0 with mass air ASAP! Please pm me. Thanks Brian :)
  5. Electronics and Entertainment
    Need an A9L computer. Thanks!
  6. Electronics and Entertainment
    I run a small computer business and i have these two laptops for sale, that i thought might be idea for someone to use for tuning. HP Elitebook 2760p Sony Vaio VPCEE31FX both of them are mechanicaly good (verified through pccheck) and have a clean recent install of windows 7 home prem x64...
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    Either outright to buy or Also have a 5.0 A9l comp if you want to trade.
  8. Electronics and Entertainment
  9. Fuel System & Related
    BBK Rail Mount Fuel Pressure Regulator - $85 Shipped Remanufactured Venom 48lbs Fuel Injectors (flow sheet included) - $220 Shipped Stock Fuel Rails (powdercoated yellow) - $100 Shipped Fuel Injection Wiring Harness - $40 Shipped DA1 Computer (speed density) - $80 Shipped New MAP Sensor -...
  10. Engine Management Systems
    I have a 99 gtMustang with an 8lb Procharger kit. Directly from Procharger with the kit I received a Diablo chip for my car. Everything worked great until the weather cooled down. Now anytime the outside temp is below 60 when I go to start my car the computer starts clicking odometer reads lines...
  11. GT & SOHC
    Ok, so I have been having this problem with the idle being very erratic, it'll surge, and I have found out that the A/C was the culprit. Every time I would turn on the A/C, the car would surge very badly at idle, sometime's going down to 0 rpms, then returning to 1000 and back to 200 rpms, then...
  12. Electronics and Entertainment
    For sale I have an Anderson P.M.S. for '87-'93 with Injector Diver to run bigger injectors, and InterACQ software for windows. This is a series 4 P.M.S. I paid over 1400 for all of it, need to sell 875 and free shipping... [/URL][/IMG]
21-38 of 67 Results