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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    Selling the heads shown in the picture. Casting number is 3038 and stamp says J-12007 383W-435. Both of these were damaged from a blown head gasket on one cylinder each due to bad ignition timing. The blow out is on the outer edge of the head (exhaust side) where I think it is solid aluminum...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    took these off a pair of AFR 205's that I bought from a guy who had them on his solid roller 408 stroker. He forgot exactly what part number these were so I have attached photos of some measurements I took of them. Might be part# 943-16, again not sure. great condition. asking 200 shipped. open...
  3. Modular Engine Parts
    Comp XE274H-14 Cams SOLD! Manley H Beam Rods SOLD!
  4. Power Adders For Sale
    B&G 79-93 Complete Single Turbo Kit KIT SOLD Here is a brand new B & G Turbo Kit I purchased in 2011. Since then I've decided to take my project in a different direction. This is a full single turbo kit that has never been bolted on or seen any miles. Let me know if you've got any questions...
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
  7. Blog
    i have 2000 Mustang gt with a 4.6. very lil mods to it just simple crap bbk Headers pypes off road x pipe borla stingers bbk Cold air intake But i wan to get some cams where i can have a noticeable idle and that i don't have to do head swap or work, I will be putting in my self im pretty...
  8. Modular Engine Parts
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    These were used for about five minutes on a dyno. They are in perfect condition, and were simply too short. Comp Cams 7754 6.400 .080 5/16 $110.00 Shipped These sell at Jegs for $135.99.
  10. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I am going to be getting this cam shortly. 1985-95 Mustang 5.0/5.8L Comp Xtreme Energy Camshaft, Hydraulic Roller, Fw Xe264hr-14 at LRS - Free Shipping! And along with it new lifters, gaskets, roller rockers, valve springs, etc. But my question is, does anyone have experience with this cam...
  11. Windsor Engine Parts
  12. Windsor Engine Parts
    Just seeing if there's any demand for this stuff.....considering going back to a hydraulic roller setup. Cam Specs COMP Cams XR286R Solid Roller 248/254 dur. @ .050" 286/292 adv. duration .614"/.621" lift w/ 1.6 rockers 0.016"/0.018" lash 3000-7000 recommended RPM really hits hard...
  13. Windsor Engine Parts
  14. Windsor Engine Parts
    Set of 1.7 Roller Rockers (what I was told by previous owner of car, they have no markings on them, so I have no idea how to tell) for 3/8" studs. Came out of a car I had, with a running 347, only removed because car was parted out. Comes with poly locks. Can come with the pushrods if needed...
  15. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a complete 97 efi 302 SBF long block w GT 40 heads, 4R70W transmission, ew) , Comp Cam 306-8 HR 284/292 224/230 or 533/ 544" lift 114 lobe {perfect for street 1500-6500 $700 for long block, tranny n cam. local pick up only
  16. Windsor Engine Parts
    Comp Camps hydraulic roller camshaft for SBF, run for a brief amount of time before deciding that it was too much for my car. It is Comp model XE274-HR or 35-518-8. Cam specs: Basic Operating RPM Range 2,200-6,200 Intake Duration at 050 inch Lift 224 Exhaust Duration at 050 inch Lift 232...
  17. Windsor Engine Parts
    I Have Cam Card and Lobe Scans for this Cam Comp Cam For Sale, Solid Roller, 351W firing order, with standard/stock size bearing journals. Part # 35-000-9. Used for spin testing (20 runs), Lobe #s 2230F on intake, 4319F on exhaust, 114 lobe separation. 297/318 duration advertised (@ .020)...