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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
    FAST Classic Sequential ECU EFI kit. I had no issues with it. Complete with main harness and all sensors (NTK wideband, air, coolant, 3 bar MAP, new TPS). Harness connectors are labeled for a hassle free install. Everything (except 12v, ground wiring, and points wire) plugs right up with the...
  2. General Mustang Tech
    Greetings all. I'm restoring an 03 classic and having to overhaul the rear end due to broken pinion gear. Haynes is oddly kinda sketchy on the specks, is there a link to torques I can reference? it has the 7.5 gear set
  3. International
    I'm looking for someone in Southern Ontario to do a pre-purchase inspection on a 1966 Fastback. Any suggestions???
  4. Road Racing/Auto X
    Specifically wondering about the Fox/Fox-4 Guys... What are your mods and how did you do? The rules are pretty wide open and it looks like a pretty natural fit for the guys running the typical suspension fixes. Thoughts, Opinions, Pictures - whatever are all welcome. Discuss.
  5. Classic Mustangs & Fords
    I have to clear out my warehouse of many years worth of classic Mustangs from 65 to 69 project and parts cars also thousands of good used parts! I a restoration shop in Lincoln, Nebraska and are extremely busy with customer work! therefor my personal stash of Mustangs and parts have grown very...
  6. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted 1978 and older
    I've got a solid 67 coupe project for sale. Pretty much all the interior is new in boxes all the way down to the seat foams. Most original panels are on the car and nice. Floors have already been taken care of. Originally a 6 cylinder T code car and still have the original 6 and 3 speed if...
  7. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted 1978 and older
    Bought this baby from a repo yard a couple years back, stripped it, halfway through the rebuild, and now I'm just too busy, so its got to go. 66 Coupe, swapped in a rebuilt 302. Comp street cam, Eagle pistons, edelbrock intake, some minor head work, etc attached to a fresh 4-speed. The whole...
  8. Exhaust Parts
    I have a set of new in box ceramic coated Patriot Tri-Y headers for a 64-66 car. Patriot says that these will fit a 67-68 car with modifications. These headers have never been installed or ran. I received an awesome deal on Doug's Tri-Y's so I don't need these anymore. Summit has these listed...
  9. Classic Mustangs & Fords
    So a buddy was telling me there was an article about a single piece headliner for classic mustangs in some hot rod mag, but he doesn't remember what mag it was in. He said it was from a couple of months back, made of fiberglass or plastic. Anyone read it, or have the info on who makes it...
  10. Other Fords and Trades
    Restorer's dream. 1966 Ford LTD. Body in excellent condition. Front interior needs work. Front seat fabric dissolving, front dashboard needs to be replaced. Recently passed NJ inspection except for horn. ORIGINAL engine, we are the 2nd owners 35,000. Interior carpet excellent, interior roof...
1-10 of 14 Results