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chrome cobra r

  1. SVT & DOHC
    Recently acquired my first Cobra. I have owned 3 Mustangs in the last 15 years. We still have a 92 GT and a 93 LX. The crappy pics here are from my phone, my Wife is a photographer so I should have some worthy pics at some point. 31k miles, majority of work done at 25k. So far I've Replaced the...
  2. Rims Wheels and Tires
    four 18x9 chrome cobra r style wheels...2 wheels are about 8/10 with some chrome chipping on the other side of the rim which isnt noticeable...the other two are about 6/10 with some chrome chipping on the front of the wheel mainly around the centercap...just lookin to get rid of them...might...
  3. Gina_New_Wheels_003small1


    This is a shot of my girlfriend's car after she finally sprung for some chrome R's and new rubber.