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  1. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I started this thread a while back and I never finished what I had to say. I needed to cool down a bit. I'm not sure if this is the correct sub forum to post this in so feel free to move it. Thank you. I purchased a 347 short block from CHP. It vibrated from the start. Upon disassembly at 500...
  2. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1987-1993
    1987 notch $8500.00 Original paint never been in a accident or been painted has all the vin tags attached on body panels motor has less that 3k miles new edlebrock heads intake e303 cam roller rockers bbk cold air with mass air meter and t/b new 3g alternator with big 3 upgrade a/c system was...
  3. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    EDIT: Car is for street and will be driven regularly, it may see the drag strip once or twice over the summer but is not being built for the strip I know every little thing related to 347s has been beaten to death on these forums already...but ive got more! Im looking to start building my...
1-3 of 3 Results