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  1. Electrical & Wiring
    So I drove about an hour one day and my pump went out on my 96 gt I replaced the pump and found that it was just the fuse that was a dumb thing I should’ve checked fuses before I replaced it. But anyway the next day I drove it to work and left work and was coming home then it just died doing...
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    Have a 94/95 v8 ccrm I’m giving away. As the photo shows, the area the bolt goes through is cracked, but worked just fine when pulled. I’m sure if you don’t go crazy when installing it you’ll be just fine. Free if picked up in Savannah, GA - or I’ll ship if someone is willing to cover the cost.
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  3. 94/95 Tech
    Anyone local to the Hartford, CT area, that has a good understanding of electrical systems especially on sn95 5liters? I'm in dire need as my car has been now sitting for two yrs. I'm about to junk it if I can't get it running again. Please link by either pm or prob better email at...
  4. 94/95 Tech
    It may sound simple just from the title, but its not :/ I have power to the pump, pump wont kick on. Test pump on bench and it runs like a champ. What the hell am I missing here?
  5. Modular Engine Parts
    1996-1998 Cobra 4v Driver Side Coil Bracket, believe it holds the power steering reservoir as well. Might be same oem for 96-98 GT? It was on my Vortech 98 GT. F6ZE-12257-TC. $30 SHIPPED Pair of Motorcraft 96-98 GT Ignition Coils, $30 SHIPPED Duralast Gold Starter SOLD! CCRM SOLD! Fuel Rails...
  6. General Mustang Tech
    One of my relay connector's wires is frayed. This is frustrating, to say the least. (I'm talking about the piece the connects to the constant control relay module (CCRM), i.e. this...
  7. GT & SOHC
    Hi, i'm new here and i really need your help. my cooling fan won't turn on at all. I thought it might be the ccrm, replaced that still the same. The i replaced the cooling temperature sensor, still the same. Checked the fuses they are ok. So what should i do next? Thanks...
  8. 94/95 Tech
    My current weekend warrior car is a 95 v6 with a 302 carb swap. 90% of the factory wiring is gone including the ccrm. I'm not familiar with how the ac compressor works. What are my options for wiring that to work?
  9. General Mustang Tech
    I have recently been having issues where the a/c clutch will not engage, so I am getting hot air blown into the cabin. I have tested a number of things, but at this point i am having trouble stiching together the information on various forums to find a way to continue, so here is the run-down...
1-13 of 14 Results