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  1. Exhaust Parts
    Took this off my 88 which I sold. Going off road on my 93 now. $150 OBO, trying to sell these ASAP. PRICE REDUCED EDIT* I was told this is a Bassani X-pipe from my friend whom I bought this off of, upon further inspection It does not say Bassani anywhere on there but the quality of the pipe...
  2. GT-500 (2007-Present)
    Does anybody have, (or know of anyone that has) a stock H-pipe with the cats on it for an 07 GT500 in the Eastern CT area that I could borrow just to get through emissions!? (You will be compensated) Or if anyone has one around the area that they want to sell please let me know a.s.a.p...
  3. General Mustang Tech
    Deleting cats, should I also delete resonators? Well, I'm definitely getting the Steeda cat-delete pipes, but should I also delete the resonators with straight pipe? I can't seem to find anyone who has removed both. I have the Roush axle back, which is already pretty aggressive. Any ideas...
  4. Exhaust Parts
    Buying your old or unused stock cat converters. Must be full .No gutted converters!! Clear some space in your garage. Make some cash. Paypal ready. Pre Cat-$12.50 ea. Uploaded with Large-$25 Uploaded with Large-$25 Uploaded with I buy all types...
  5. Exhaust Parts
    I buy your old or unused stock cat converters. Dont have them take up your valuable garage space! Make a little cash and clear some space.Paypal ready. small precats-$10 large-$20 large-$20
  6. Exhaust Parts
    Like the title says.. I buy any unwanted stock catalytic converters off your stock hpipes. Just cut them off and ship them to me.Let me know what you have . Cash ready!!
  7. General Mustang Tech
    my cats were rattling around 1000-1500 rpm in my 93 5.0 with aftermarket exhaust it sounded like there was rocks in it so i took out my exhaust (all ####in 1 piece) and tilted it upward and banged on it and a few little white bit fell out and some white dust and now im wondering should i just...
  8. General Mustang Tech
    I am in the process of registering the cars back in CT and had to take the 95 to emissions. Last year, I put in the cats: They say 50 state legal, but when you see the size of these things, it makes you wonder if they really work. Well, they do...
  9. Exhaust Parts
    I have an h-pipe for sale with high flows cats. For a foxbody 2.5". Its either a mac or bbk. Its in my barn and its in really nice shape just one of the hangers is off. It doesnt make a difference when its bolted in place. Asking $150 picked up. Kind of big to ship. Thanks, Dave
  10. 94/95 Tech
    i can start my car up and within seconds my whole house and clothes REAK of exhaust!!!!!!! anyone else notice this??? its a tuned car, no cats, no smog, dumped car :confused:
1-12 of 12 Results