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  1. Suspension
    Looking for a set of decent caster/camber plates for a 2003 Mach 1
  2. Suspension
    As the tittle states looking for cc plates for my 90 coupe. Let me know what yall have, Thanks!
  3. Suspension
    Has a set of like new qa1 caster camber plates for 79-89 mustang they have less than 100 miles on them car spent most time on dyno. Part number cc100mu 120 shipped Also can come with new Monroe struts for $40 u just pay shipping Contact 6305818790 All stuff can also be picked up locally...
  4. Suspension
    DISCLAIMER: I am located in Canada! This makes shipping expensive so I can't eat up the shipping cost :\ Just shoot me up some offers on whatever you're interested in and leave me your state/province zip-code and I'll respond with a quote for shipping. I'm not expecting much for them because...
  5. Suspension
    I need a set of these. Preferably Maximum Motorsports or similar quality. Must be shipped to Ontario, Canada.
  6. Suspension
    I have a set of brand new maximum motorsports caster camber plates for 1979-89 mustangs, part number is MMCC7989. These are brand new, just a little dusty. Asking $175.00 shipped OBO. Any questions just message me. Thanks, Chris
  7. Suspension
    Im planning on buying the Eibach sportline springs,:leghump: n i need to know if i should buy the C/C plates or not. i understand that the springs will lower my car 2.0 in the front and 1.8 in the back, i just need to know if that big of a drop will it mess up my alignment? or will i be ok n not...
  8. Suspension
    I have a set of used UPR billet C/C plates off of my 97 gt. should fit 94-04 cars. Had about 5,000 miles or so on them, the car wasn't lowered or anything, just had them for to make alignment easier. Have all the spacers to change the height of the strut, dont think im missing anything, these...
  9. Road Racing/Auto X
    OK, here we go: Granatelli cradle, granatelli +1 tubular A-arms, Granatelli Coil-Over 400 or 425 or 450lb/in springs, Granatelli Caster/Camber plates, Struts are Strange Engineering 10 settings rebound. OKie dokes, I've got about .75 degrees on my camber. I'm trying to stick something on the...
  10. Suspension
    94-04 Steeda 4 Bolt Caster & Camber Plates. Everything as it came off of my 00 GT. The two little tiny screws that go into one of the inner plates are there, but will have to be installed with needlenose pliers, since the allen head is messed up on one, no big deal, they dont go in very tight...
  11. GT & SOHC
    hey guys, i have some h&r supersports on my car and i am having some negative camberwear issues and was wondering which c/c plates are you guys using? im using some old steeda ones and was wondering if there is anything with more adjustability? and i have heard of people using a drill and...
  12. Suspension
    Went to coilovers so these had to go. Fit 79-93. $125 -shipped in anywhere in the US (plus 3% paypal fee if paid via paypal). Send me your phone number via pm and I will call you back.
  13. Suspension
    SOLD:UPR 1994 – 2004 Four Bolt Silver Caster Camber Plates Only had them on car for two weeks. Save some bucks! Asking $125.00 From UPR's site: UPR Products releases their newest suspension product the Four Bolt Caster Camber Plates for the 1994-2004 Ford Mustang. These new plates add a...
  14. Suspension
    used very little in excellent shape they are the 3 bolt design fit 94-98 and mabe other years im not sure 125$ +shipping
1-20 of 21 Results