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  1. Exterior Parts
    If anyone has or knows where to find a passenger side NOS or remanufactured Carlite quarter window let me know. I appreciate the help fellas.
  2. Exterior Parts
    Original Carlite quarter glass (pair). I removed these due to restoration project. Glass is tinted, perfect condition. Molding has slight degrading on upper corner due to sun damage. Overall, these are a 8/10. Window glass did not leak before removal. New pair is $950. Get these for $250...
  3. Advertiser's Showcase
    We have a limited quantity of brand new (NOS) coupe and hatchback quarter windows for your 1987-1993 Mustang and Cobra!!! These are genuine Ford Carlite windows with moldings not the aftermarket no-name off-shore produced junk. Remember, only these genuine Ford Carlite windows have the...