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  1. Exterior Parts
    Want to get your hands on some weight reducing, curb appealing FRP & CFP Aero for your Mustang? IT'S SUPER SIMPLE! Follow the steps below to get the LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE Step 1: Find what you like on my website Welcome to Extreme Dimensions (this site is my full product catalog)...
  2. Exterior Parts
    I'm parting my car out, and I have a OEM (FORD) SN95 Front Bumper Cover for sale. Asking $250.00. Pickup only!! Located in Scottsville, KY 270-619-3472
  3. Exterior Parts
    96-98 NEW OEM cobra rear bumper cover fits 94-98 SOLD I have a brand new never out of the plastic cobra rear bumper cover. First 325 takes it. I've also got a set of black cobra air bags and the svt owners manual for a 96 car. All parts are for a 94-98 car. 300 on bags and 30 bu is on the svt...
  4. The Body Shop
    I recently had my car painted. 88 Gt in a wild strawberry/burgundy type of color. The guy that painted my car lost all of the bolts that connect the bumper cover to the car. I ordered a kit from lmr and attempted to put the bumper back on myself. The problem i'm having is that the bolt hole...
1-4 of 4 Results