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  1. Suspension
    Posted is a pair (1 driver's side, 1 passenger side), serviceable used 94-04 Mustang Cobra/Mach1 rear brake calipers with slide mounts. These are located in Springfield, VA (22152). Price REDUCED to $130/pair This Cobra caliper is from a functioning 1998 Mustang Cobra and works with the 11.65"...
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    I need the sub woofer mounting brackets. I only need 1 sub-woofer, but I'll buy a pair if you would rather not split them up. Also any wiring harnesses that may be necessary. I already have the amps and rack. Thanks.
  3. Interior Parts
    BOTH Sets of seat tracks that came from a MINT foxbody $110 Shipped! I also have one or two grey seats with brackets but one seat is pretty dirty and has the gangsta lean and the other is in decent shape. Will separate tracks or parts off the bad seat if interested also Also have both seats...
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a complete SN95 engine. I want to trade all of my front accessory brackets for your '86-'93 Fox accessory brackets. I want all the A/C brackets including the two small ones on the rear that everyone sells separately. I need the alternator bracket too. I also need all bolts that attach...
  5. Superchargers
    Just bought a 331 stroker w/ a D1SC procharger with no AC, well I want AC and wanna sell my renegade bracket and power steering bracket. Anyways can anyone give me a AC bracket part number or have one for sale. Thanks
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    I bought it New from Summit and has been sitting in the box since but no longer need it.. $60 shipped Summit Racing® Alternator Brackets SUM-420104 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    FRPP AC Delete March alternator bracket is SOLD. Ford Racing AC Delete SOLD Still the the best ans strongest way to mount your power steering when deleting the AC. All Hardware is included, and the black bracket has some light surface rust. Scuff, paint and install.
  8. Drivetrain Parts
    New. $45 shipped from 30269. Pix:
  9. Suspension
    I have a brand new pair of caliper mounting brackets for 1994-2004 cars looking to upgrade to cobra rear calipers. Asking $120 shipped OBO. Thank you.
  10. Modular Engine Parts
    Alternator bracket off of a 97 Cobra, fits 96-98 Cobra. $17 SHIPPED
  11. Power Adders For Sale
    A short list of the parts we are in search of. Alternator stay. Accessory tensioner bracket. Smog pump delete bracket and pulley "vortech style". Supercharger tensioner bracket and pulley. We are doing this on a very low budget for a beater car. All this stuff can be well used and dirty...
  12. Exterior Parts
    Driver and Passenger Fender Extensions SOLD! Driver & Passenger Side Scoops off of a 1996 Cobra. These are the 94-95 style that were also found on some early 96's that have the open vents and duct attachments. The scoops themselves can be used on any 94-98. The paint has some pitting and...
  13. Windsor Engine Parts
    $25 + Shipping - A/C Delete Bracket + Pully $30 + Shipping - Billet Smog pump delete bracket + Pully
  14. Windsor Engine Parts
    2 available. Need gone. Let me know your zip code if interested.
  15. General Mustang Tech
    I have a 1967 Mustang GT with power steering. I recently noticed that the bracket which bolts to the frame on the driver's side is quite loose. This is the bracket that is supposed to provide a reaction force for the power steering ram cylinder. The bracket is supposed to be held in place by...
  16. Windsor Engine Parts
    86-93 Alternator/Smog Bracket SOLD! 351W EFI TFI Distributor for remote mount tfi module (SN95 style). Truck distributor, but was used in a 94 Cobra with a 351W. Was bought new from parts store and only has about 10 min of idle time, but has a bit of corrosion from sitting in a shed, not sure...
  17. Modular Engine Parts
    1996-1998 Cobra 4v Driver Side Coil Bracket, believe it holds the power steering reservoir as well. Might be same oem for 96-98 GT? It was on my Vortech 98 GT. F6ZE-12257-TC. $30 SHIPPED Pair of Motorcraft 96-98 GT Ignition Coils, $30 SHIPPED Duralast Gold Starter SOLD! CCRM SOLD! Fuel Rails...
  18. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking for a 96-99 2v ProCharger bracket for a decent price. Let me know what you have.
  19. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking for a bracket for an 00 GT if anyone has one lying around and willing to part with it at a reasonable price would be much appreciated it
1-20 of 58 Results