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  1. SVT & DOHC
    I have a set of 4v Stage 3 MMR Turbo Cams looking for a straight trade for some stage three or possible stage two NA Cams preferably from MMR. Lmk what cams ya got and I will consider trading.
  2. General Mustang Tech
    Currently in the middle of installing the On3 turbo for my notch. It's a 68mm that we're going to keep around 6-10 pounds of boost. I was all set to close the PCV valve on the intake and run a breather on the oil tube, but after looking a bit deeper, some have told me I need to have more of an...
  3. Power Adders For Sale
    P-1SC Procharger for sale. Head unit only. Reverse rotation. It’s in great condition, no oil leaking or nicks in impellar. Always ran with a K&N filter. Sounds and performs like new. Everything is tight and smooth. Oil always changed before recommended. 3.85” 6 rib pulley included. $1600 Will...
  4. Electronics and Entertainment
    AEM FAIL SAFE wideband. Monitors boost pressure and AFR and can be programmed to shut the engine off in the event of over boost, lean out, or running to rich. Can be configured to display lambda, afr, boost pressure, bought a few months ago, $320 new- $275 This wideband can literally save your...
  5. S197 and Coyote Parts
    I have a 2.6l Kenne Bell stage 1 kit for a 3v. It is on the car still, but that can change real quick. Charger has 10k miles. It is not a complete kit because I do not have the BAP or the Kenne Bell tuner that came with the kit. I have 2 pulleys, a 3-7/8 and a 3-3/4 with the kit. I also...
  6. Electronics and Entertainment
    For sale I have a used MSD 6BTM pt#6462, low time and works great! Upgraded to electronic Boost control and no longer need this. SOLD
  7. Superchargers
    Hey guys I've been battling this problem for awhile now and haven't had any luck at all, I'm going to run you through my set up first and go from there My Car: 1999 Mustang GT Mods: Vortech V1 T-Trim, 3.33 Pulley, BBK 78MM Throttle Body, 42# Injectors, SCT BA2600, CXRacing intercooler w/piping...
  8. GT & SOHC
    Posted this in supercharger forums as well.. Hey guys I've been battling this problem for awhile now and haven't had any luck at all, I'm going to run you through my set up first and go from there My Car: 1999 Mustang GT Mods: Vortech V1 T-Trim, 3.33 Pulley, BBK 78MM Throttle Body, 42#...
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    Ford 331 A4 Short block engine (1000-HP) Supercharged/Turbo $2900 Selling my Ford Racing A4 4 bolt main 331 small block for that has been freshened up and has been sitting on engine stand ready to drop in. 3.25 stroke and bored 4.060. Has Forged Steel Boss 302 crank, Chevy Crower Rods, Mahle...
  10. Electronics and Entertainment
    AEM digital boost gauge great condition $110 shipped US only.
  11. Superchargers
    So I have a vortech maxflow boost a pump (Non programmable) and I can't seem to find any install guides for a 96-04 mustang. Can anyone direct me to one? I know its a pretty simple job, but I always like to make sure Thanks ahead of time.
  12. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1999-2004
    2004 F1A Mach1 560whp azure blue, 40th anv edition, 5 speed, F1A procharged, low compression aluminator crate motor, full exhaust, twin 03 cobra pump setup plus boost a pump, red procharger race bov, 80lb injectors and more, made 560whp 480tqe on low timing very safe tune by Bill M. at pro edge...
  13. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Carb-Style EFI Intake and Proper Cylinder Distribution? I am in the midst of building a 351W and have hit some crossroads at the intake. My interest has been sparked at the Carb-Style single plane EFI intakes such as the Vic's and Trickflow ones as well. I am interested in using the 90 degree...
  14. Power Adders For Sale
    I just took my 3.3 pulley off my p1sc because i was making to much boost, its a offset pulley, it was on a 1994 mustang cobra, text 715-212-6373 for pics or more info. shoot me an offer
  15. Power Adders For Sale
    Complete bolt on Vortech V1 S Trim with power pipe, trex pump, fuel regulator, 2 set of pulleys with belts, smog pump delete. Also included is the ecu (5 speed) with an SCT chip tuned for 42lb injectors . (you will need maf calibrated to 42lb injectors). No shaft play 1500 shipped to your door...
  16. GT & SOHC
    I'm considering a budget build using the ON 3 kit, but I'm not sure where to run the downpipe to not have to get a k-member and save that little chunk of change to put towards fuel. Has anyone done this? Or have any suggestions?
  17. Power Adders For Sale
    Hello. Im selling my D1 Procharger off of my 2002 Mustang GT 2V $2700 + shipping Paypal only Included: Polished D1 head unit 3 Core Procharger Intercooler Complete 8 rib pulley upgrade system 4k miles on kit. Text me for serious offers and pictures at 602-535-7038 Located in Phoenix...
1-19 of 87 Results