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  1. S197 and Coyote Parts
  2. The Body Shop
    Mods please note: I am not looking for body shop recommendations, just trying to gauge what good services will cost me. I am in the middle of shopping around for my Capri to get painted, and it has me wondering what others have paid for their paint work and what kind of services have been...
  3. Exterior Parts
    I am looking for the wide molding for the side of my 79 indy pace car. All molding was pulled from car by old owner. THanks for any help!!
  4. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1987-1993
    Friend is selling his 93 LX Hatch. Originally a 4 cylinder, converted to V8. Only has 54k miles on it. Reef Blue w/ Grey Interior, has leather/vinyl seats which are kind of rare, manual windows, manual locks, manual mirrors, sunroof. He works out of town and his company has been sending people...
  5. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1987-1993
    I went out of town and got this to use as a parts car, but since Im selling my 91 Notch, I dont really need this for a parts car right now. Somebody could use this for a drivetrain swap, all around parts car or fix it up if they had the time and resources. 89 GT, 5 Speed, Clean Title, Runs...
  6. The Body Shop
    My notch is currently "faded white" and I am looking at a possible Competition Orange paint job. Anybody have any good pics of some Orange Fox bodies to help my decision?
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    used for about 4k miles taking it off to go bigger 150 obo + shipping
  8. Suspension
    4 Cylinder Fox Body Mustang Front Sway Bar. My friend got it for his 93 Notch but never put it on. It's pretty might, only 12.75 pounds on my shipping scale which is pretty close to what my Steeda Drag Front Lightweight Sway Bar weighs, which is supposed to be around 12 pounds lighter than a...
  9. Interior Parts
  10. 98 COBRA PICS


    Wrecked 98 cobra with 28,000 miles