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  1. Suspension
    SOLD rear BILSTEIN shocks, for SRA SOLD. I have both rear BILSTEIN shocks for SRA. Came out of foxbody but will fit '79-04 mustangs with 8.8 SRA. I ran normal spring set up, no coil overs. I used these for about a year before I swapped to IRS. I drive the car probably 30 miles a month to give...
  2. Suspension
    Like title states I'm selling a brand new Maximum Motorsports front coil-over kit for Bilstein struts... here is a link... Mustang Coil-Over Kit, Front, Bilstein and MM Struts, 1979-04 Still in the box never opened 220 shipped anywhere in the 48 :salute:
  3. Suspension
    Up for sale is a great set of 1987-04 Mustang Bilstein HD Series Dampers, solid-axle Mustang, grooved for MM coil over setup. These have approximately 4000 miles on them. Includes: 2 V36-4138-H5 Front Struts and 2 GBE5-6418-H4 Rear Shocks. Reference: MM Website $575 shipped via FedEx...
  4. Suspension
    Have a pair of used Bilstein struts that came off a car with less than 40k. Good condition, cleaned up and new coat of paint. I'm not sure if I have both dust boots, I know I have 1 so I'll update. $ 120 shipped I can be reached by PM or cell at 623-824-4861 Chris :salute:
  5. Suspension
    All of this is off of a 92 Notch rolling chassis I got in a trade. My friend bought ALL OF THIS NEW a few years ago, put it on the car, and only put 4000 miles on it. The car sat out in the yard with no hood on it (cutting grass, rain causing dirt to to fly up etc), and was painted at some point...
  6. Suspension
    I have a coilover kit for sale with Bilstein shocks. I was going to use it on my cruiser - then my cruiser became a Lemons car. So, I really don't have much of a need for this anymore. Bilstein shocks were from a Convertible Cobra with approx. 30k of use. I paid $100 through Corral. The...
  7. Suspension
    Time to get rid of some things that have been accumulating in the garage. Hopefully the pics are sufficent because I will be boxing this stuff up for shipping soon. Please pm me or ask (here) any additional info you may need. Everything came off my 01 Cobra coupe. Please do your own research for...
  8. Suspension
    This set came off my 95 gt the fronts have 30,000 on them came off an 2003 cobra the backs came off an 98gt don't no milage want 400.00 obo pics up later
  9. Suspension
    cobra bilstein rear struts 03-04 i have a set of used rear bilstein off my brothers 04 cobra with 34,000 miles in great shape will fit 99-04 with irs 90.00 shipped i only take paypal thanks
  10. Suspension
    Mach 1 springs EDIT: Bilsteins are sold. Please go to last post in this thread for pics and part numbers for the Mach 1 Springs. Thank you ********************************************************* I have a complete set of 4 (front & rear) Mach 1 Springs (used). I bought them to put on my...
  11. 94/95 Tech
    i just took off my kyb foxbody struts and put on bilstein sn95 struts but the nut on the top will not go back on is the nut a different size or something it will go back on my old ones my car is a sn95
  12. Suspension
    I have a set of Bilstein rear shocks for 94-04 Mustangs in stock. They are brand new, still in the Bilstein box! Bilstein Part # BE5-6418-H0 $149.95 shipped!! Trust me this is a great price for brand new shocks! This is part of an inventory clearance, so I only have two! PM me to order...
  13. Suspension
    Looking for a quality set of shocks and struts to fit my 95 GT. Tokico Illumina, Koni DA, Bilstein, Etc? Have a set of Tokico/Motorcraft "black" struts and shocks available for sale or trade. What do you have?
1-13 of 15 Results