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  1. Superchargers
    I need to know what size belt for a 96 gt with a v1 vortech 3.25 pulley. It has a k061123 on it. But it shredded. Ordered another one it’s dayco but from reading other peoples post no one has an answer. Idk if 112” is right. Does it need to be bigger smaller or what. Or is that the right one?
  2. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I'm looking to change my water pump to a "standard" clockwise direction pump (this will be for my 408w). I'm running across some conflicting information. Some people are saying just swap the WP with a standard direction pump and its done, others are saying it doesn't work with the timing cover...
  3. Superchargers
    I have a P1-SC and a pulley stamped '3.00'. Car is a '99 GT SOHC. What size belt is recommended? Thanks for your input! JB.
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking for a mint condition stock (not aftermarket) serpentine belt tensioner. Please PM me with what you have.
  5. GT & SOHC
    Hey all, CAR: 03' Mustang GT, Vortech V2-Si, Built 4.6. I was curious if anyone know's any tricks to checking the alignment of the pulley's on a Vortech Supercharged GT. My serpentine belt was chewed up pretty badly, and I would like to make sure that all my pulley's are aligned. Secondly...
  6. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I'm trying to get my car back together, and one thing I haven't figured out yet is how to mount my alternator. I had a March bracket on it that I used when I was running a mech pump. I've just installed an electric pump, and I'm trying to figure out the best route to go. I'm currently...
  7. Power Adders For Sale
    Sold my paxton Novi 2000 years ago and i found the original crank pulley that came with the kit before i swapped it out for more boost, while cleaning the garage. Pulley is in excellent shape.......i only used it for about 3 months. Supercharger pulley is 8 rib and the accessory drive is 6...
  8. General Mustang Tech
    So i changed the pulley itself out already but i cant figure out how to relieve the tension so i can put a new belt on please help! Ive tried everything... i think
  9. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I deleted my smog pump, and I installed the Ford Racing A/C Delete (the one where it moves the PS pump the the A/C location) Im just running, crank, alternator, water pump, and power steering. I tried a 67.5, 69.5 (which were too small) and a 74 (too big)
  10. Superchargers
    i have a p1sc on 8 pounds on a 2002 GT and if i am pulling hard in 2nd it will loose boost at around 5-5200 rpm but it holds boost most of the time up to 6000 in 3rd. if it starts to loose boost and i roll back into it really easy it will hold. procharger said it may be my blow off but it...
  11. Power Adders For Sale
    I have a 6.87 Vortech crank pulley and also a matching belt that is brand new for a 3.33 upper 8 rib pulley. I can send pics via cell phone. If you have any questions my cell is 386-801-6680. 6.87 Crank Pulley ONLY...$135.00 shipped 6.87 Crank Pulley W/Belt $155.00 shipped Thanks!
  12. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    The reason I ask is that my serpentine belt is running around the alternator, crank and just skimming the water pump pulley. The problem is that i can actually move the water pump pully with my bare hand. Although I'm currently not experiencing any cooloing problem, I feel that the pump probably...
1-12 of 12 Results