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auto meter
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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
    For sale I have a Auto Meter Phantom Fuel Pressure Gauge 2-5/8" mechanical that comes with the mount and a 4an line. 75 shipped. Willing to trade for a auto meter phantom fuel pressure gauge 2 1/16 if you have one. Thanks!
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    Looking to purchase but I have an Innovate MTX-L I am also willing to trade.
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    I know I'm new, but used to have a Mustang and long story short, decided to rebuild my car and was going to re-use the gauges, then needed to sell the mustang but that was a couple years ago now and still no car to start building. I have three AutoMeter C2 gauges to get rid of. All are in like...
  4. Interior Parts
    Have an Es series autometer 3 3/8 tach and speedo for sale brand new, seal hasn't been broken on packages for sale. Part numbers are in pictures for reference. 400 Obo for both gauges shipped. (Retail is 500)
  5. General Mustang Tech
    Hey all, I am looking for info about swapping to an aftermarket speedo. I have a 1990 GT 5 speed with a 140 mph speedo. The Auto Meter is a 120 mph. I have done some research but cannot seem to find what gear I should use in the transmission. I currently have a 19 tooth drive gear and an 8...
1-5 of 5 Results