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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED Jensen all in one media center flip out dvd headunit. Model VM9215BT. Here's a link for the price of a brand new never used unit same as mine Jensen VM9215BT DVD receiver at I am asking $200 OBO. NO TRADES, GREEN CASH MONEY ONLY AND PLEASE NO TIRE...
  3. Audio
    Does anyone know if the speaker harnesses are the same? I know that the head units between 2003-2004 are different because 04 has sat. All the rest of the wiring such as amp harnesses and speaker harness that run to the back to the amp box is it the same? Anyone have any clue?
  4. Audio
    Hey everyone I recently bought a 2000 mustang that came with an aftermarket kenwood headunit. It has a mach 460 sound system but the speakers are very staticky. The front driver side speaker does not play at all nor does the tweeter.. I want to install two new speakers in the front and add an...
  5. Electronics and Entertainment
    For sale I have a 10" Kicker Subwoofer in a ported box. It works great, and looks brand new, I just have no need for it. I have it listed on ebay for 100 shipped! Kicker Comp VX CVX10 2006 1-Way 10" x 10" Car Subwoofer 713034026020 | eBay Theres good pictures on the ebay page, please PM me...
  6. Audio
    I just acquired a 12" Kicker L7 that I want to put in my 89 Mustang GT Hatch. I'll be running it off my MMATS D300HC. If anyone has pictures of a L7 in their hatch I'd love to see them. Built custom pods for the front to hold my Hertz HSK 165 6.5" Components that will be ran off a Diamond Audio...
  7. Audio
    I have a set of Hertz HSK 165 Components that are to deep to fit, was wondering if anyone has a custom door pod setup or if anyone makes them for fox bodies. Post pictures if you have them.
  8. Audio
    The car is a 1993 Mustang GT. The factory system seems to be a premium sound system and it appears an amplifier is under the passenger's seat. Folks, I need sum radio! The radio comes on but NO SOUND. I have checked and replaced all known fuses. I am having the biggest problem finding a...
  9. GT & SOHC
    I have a blown speaker on my passenger side door in my 2001 Mustang GT. I have an extra mustang gt(1999 Mustang GT) that is rendered totaled, but it has a speaker i can transfer into the new one.. How do I go about doing this! I am completely lost! (P.S) sorry if i posted in the wrong place...
  10. Electronics and Entertainment
    I am looking for both mach 460 front door speakers, in good condition at a reasonable price. Thanks.
1-10 of 11 Results