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  1. General Mustang Tech
    Hello, I need help friends. I have a 2004 Mach 1 that has the below suspension parts. Since last summer, the 'passenger side' only toe's out after driving. Was every 2 weeks or so, now it is going around the block. Essentially, the alignment shop sets the camber (-1.5) and toe '0' (not...
  2. Suspension
    I need a set of these. Preferably Maximum Motorsports or similar quality. Must be shipped to Ontario, Canada.
  3. Road Racing/Auto X
    Car is north of the capital beltway, but don't mind travelling a little for a great deal. Budget friendly is a ++++ :) Thanks in advance, Steve
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Hello folks - just joined your forum. Am hoping to find some answers to a problem I'm having with my '97 Cobra Mustang (4.10 gears, Steeda Triax shifter, etc). After using Goodrich T/A KDs for years I decided to try a set of Yokohama Advan Neova AD07's and found that they have better dry grip...
  5. 94/95 Tech
    I have a 95 GT convertible with Eibach Pro springs and Stang Suspension camber/caster plates. I have had a large problem with negative camber on the car (constantly wearing out the inside edge of the tires). We've tried adjusting the camber, but the best we can get is like -4.0 degrees. To my...
  6. General Mustang Tech
    hello, ive got a 88 5.0. i just put a new (bought used from someone on east coast stangs) power steering pump and rack. my old rack was very sloppy. this one is great, BUT the power steering pump sounds like a duck in my engine bay. any help on why? we filled it up before starting. also...