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alcohol injection
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  1. Fuel System & Related
    This is a Alky Control brand Meth kit. IMO it is one of the top 2 kits on the market. The customer support is second to none for hooking it up and getting it working with your setup. You can read reviews on any of the LS-1 or Grand National forums. I installed this kit on my car but ended up...
  2. Power Adders For Sale
    Looking to buy a Mr. Freeze kit. Shoot me a pm if looking to sell. thanks in advance, [email protected]
  3. Superchargers
    I went with the AIS stage 1 kit. I have a total of 3 injectors, 1 before the supercharger and 2 before the throttle body. Still working on tuning the car but I have high hopes for the car:drool:
  4. Advertiser's Showcase
    Recently here at AIS, two of the most asked questions by inquiring customers has been "Can I use water methanol injection with my nitrous oxide? And if so, what sort of benefits will it offer me?" Because of these inquiries, we decided to dedicate an article specifically for it to help answer...
1-4 of 4 Results