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  1. Power Adders For Sale
    Anderson Mr Freeze Methanol Injection Kit SOLD! SCT 4 Bank Eliminator Flip Chip SOLD! Summit Racing 42LB Injectors SOLD! Diablo MAFIA Range Extender. Great for supercharged or turbo setups. Will work on 96-04 Fords (Mustang, Cobra, Lightning etc), this combo can support over 600 rwhp with a...
  2. Power Adders For Sale
    AIS Triple Nozzle Trunk Mount Methanol Kit. Most cars benefit from two nozzles, but if you have a heat making setup (such as an overspun blower), adding this can help ALOT. My friend bought this for his Vortech 99 GT, his IAT's went from around 225 degrees, to down into the 70's, with a Vortech...
1-5 of 5 Results