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  1. General Mustang Tech
    So I've had the code 12 airbag light since I bought it. I've replaced the fuse 4 but as soon as I turn the car on the fuse blows, does any body know what I a common problem for this. I've read a capacitor in the airbag module blows commonly but I don't think the would trip the fuse
  2. Interior Parts
    I am trying to swap a newer steering wheel into my car and need the airbag to complete it. If you know of a place to get one or are parting out a car, please let me know. Thanks, Tom
  3. Interior Parts
    I'm asking $100+ shipping. Please email [email protected] Thanks!
  4. Suspension
    As listed in title I have a 87-93 non-tilt airbag column with steering wheel airbag and ignition lock cylinder w/key in good shape. Goes to the highest offer... Will ship... CLICK HERE for PICS
  5. Interior Parts
    WTS Black 94 DS airbag $125.00 Just replaced my black 94 GT drivers side airbag with a Cobra one to complete my near perfect copy. Airbag is for sale, is in perfect shape as my car just hit 80,000 miles, is garage kept, and always has a sunshade when outside. Should fit 94thru 2000 models...
1-5 of 5 Results