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  1. Suspension
    I'm parting out my mustang, and listing the suspension parts here. Everything is NEW, except the K Member. Team Z Standard Metal Matrix K Member $200.00(Updated the K member is a metal matrix) Team Z SN95 Mini Tubs $115.00 Shipping is up to the buyer. Located in Scottsville, KY 270-619-3472
  2. Suspension
    These are AFCO rear coil overs that came off my SN95. I can not testify to the condition of them as i did not buy, install, or uninstall. They look to be in excellent shape. The former owner said the rebound was not set correctly hence the reason they were pulled off. I do not know the how long...
  3. Suspension
    SN95 A arms (new) $300 shipped New AFCO SN95 rod end style control arms complete!! I purchased these because im goin to SN95 spindles, but after bolting them on i realized they are longer then the fox yes im a dumb a$$!! I paid $375 with shipping and handling from summit...
  4. Power Adders For Sale