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  1. Handling
    I have been pondering some aero options for my SN and i'm a bit stumped. I really like the look of the Saleen ducktail, but this is going to be primarily a track car and i'm looking for a more effective option without sacrificing styling. Can anybody with some experience tell me how substantial...
  2. Exterior Parts
    Want to get your hands on some weight reducing, curb appealing FRP & CFP Aero for your Mustang? IT'S SUPER SIMPLE! Follow the steps below to get the LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE ANYWHERE Step 1: Find what you like on my website Welcome to Extreme Dimensions (this site is my full product catalog)...
  3. S197 Mustang (2005-2010)
    I've removed the ugly 90s style spoiler from my screaming yellow 2006 GT and I like the look but I think I'd like a black spoiler better. Turned up ducktail spoilers like the GT500 one look nice but probably increase drag... but the other day I saw a V6 05-09 convertible Mustang with a flat...
1-3 of 4 Results