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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
    AEM FAIL SAFE wideband. Monitors boost pressure and AFR and can be programmed to shut the engine off in the event of over boost, lean out, or running to rich. Can be configured to display lambda, afr, boost pressure, bought a few months ago, $320 new- $275 This wideband can literally save your...
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    I have a AEM 30-1401 EMS it's a plug and play system for 94-95 mustangs specific, comes with original box and install Cd and the needed USB to Serial cable by belkin. $450 shipped in the US! Taking out the car this weekend Message me or email me directly [email protected] will be going up on...
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    I'm looking for an AEM 30-3252 engine position module for sbf 302/351 takes place of the distributor for coil Onot plug with a stand alone ECU...if you have one in good working order for sale hit me up.other then that I'll have to order a dual sync distributor :frown2: Thanks Quick response-...
  4. Electronics and Entertainment
    AEM digital boost gauge great condition $110 shipped US only.
  5. Fuel System & Related
    Used great condition only about 100 miles use on it, $120 shipped text 832-588-4806
  6. Electronics and Entertainment
    My project came to a screeching halt right after I bought all of this. I bought all of this new this past fall, everything is new in the box except the laptop which was just used to install and activate the Binary Editor and Flash/Burn software from Moates. The software license for Binary...
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking to buy the following part 30-3254 or 30-3252, 4 channel ignition, and coil packs for mustang Please contact me on here or perferably [email protected] or directly at 7204388832
  8. Electronics and Entertainment
    For sale: o Used AEM EMS 30-1400 in great shape. Has been installed and run, but has less than one hour drive time. Comes with usb adapter to hook up to PC. Drivers and program available from AEM forums. $800 obo. o New in box AEM UEGO dual channel Wideband O2 controller. Will wire into EMS...
  9. Modular Engine Parts
    I have for sale: 2 AEM 320lph fuel pumps - asking $120 + shipping for both (1 has less than 2 miles on it and the other less than 50) PI intake for 99-04 (less than 150 miles) - asking $80 + shipping
  10. Windsor Engine Parts
    This unit drops in place of the distributor and provides a crank and cam reference signal when used with a stand alone, or any capable engine management system. Brand new. Looking for $275 shipped. Paypal preferred. [email protected]
  11. Electronics and Entertainment
    AEM 30-1900U Universal EMS with a full custom engine harness that I am considering selling. What is included: 1) Fully programmable Engine Management System with 32-valve naturally aspirated calibration. 2) Complete AEM Universal engine harness with fuse box & relay pack 3) All connectors to...
  12. Power Adders For Sale
    This kit was run on my 05 car for less than 1000 miles I decided to go a different direction with the car, so I have the kit plus all the heat wrap that I put on the hot side pipes plus an AEM tru boost Gauge and AEM wideband plus the Pod Pillar all go with the kit. This Kit is complete minus...
  13. Fuel System & Related
    was installed on a 99 cobra but never used. Allows you to use low impedance injectors with stock computer. 260 shipped 972 824 9870
  14. Electronics and Entertainment
    Plug and Play Engine Management System for Fox body Mustang PN 30-1400. Fits '84-93 models. This unit has low mileage and comes with the following: - Software disk - Serial Cable - 3.5 bar AEM Map sensor - Low impedance injector box (not AEM brand) - Complete manual - 1.11 firmware loaded...
  15. AEM EMS
    I'm just starting out with the AEM EMS, and I don't seem to be getting any spark with the AEM. I'm using a slightly modified version of their standard base cal. My motor is a mild 302 with an E-cam and 24pph injectors. Still using the stock distributor. Stat -sync comes on after a few turns...
  16. Turbochargers
    This project is long overdue, and after a lot of down time this build is going to be underway. This is a 98% street car and will retain power steering, A/C, Overdrive, pump gas and radial tires. The goal of this car is to make 800rwhp on pump gas and run in the 9's. The car will have a custom...
  17. Electronics and Entertainment
    AEM Engine Management System 30-1400 SOLD ECU: AEM Part Number 30-1400 AEM Plug and Play Engine Management System for 87-93 Mustang $SOLD Used but in box AEM 3.5bar MAP Sensor 30-2130-50 $SOLD New but not in box GM Boost Control Solenoid $20 New and unused SOLD, Thanks Corral Thanks -...
1-20 of 21 Results