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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have an A/C eliminator pulley for sale. it came on my car and i put the a/c back on so i dont need this. Shoot me an offer.
  2. Interior Parts
    Looking for a good set of used A/C control knobs. Let me know. Thanks, Neil
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    Small AC Bracket (no longer have the bolt thats pictured) for 86-93 Fox Body. $11 SHIPPED
  4. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Ok, can anyone tell me a decent reason why the alternator is on the passenger side of the 5.0, and the A/C compressor is on the driver side? This seems stupid to me considering that the battery and associated wiring harnesses are on the driver side, and the HVAC stuff is on the passenger side...
  5. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    I'm looking for a chromed A/C & Alternator bracket for my 90 Fox. Please send replies to: [email protected] Thxs Stroker
  6. 94/95 Tech
    I was hoping someone with a set of quick disconnect tools could check something out on their a/c system for me; doesn't require actually removing any lines, just placing a quick disconnect tool to check the size of a line: I need to get a new reciever/dryer (the can on the firewall in case you...
  7. Windsor Engine Parts
    Friend is parting out his 93 LX. These came off of it (except for the ps pump & bracket, it wasnt on the car when he bought it, but came with it) Powdercoated Alternator Bracket, Tensioner (Tensioner isnt powdercoated, it's painted), Powdercoated Large AC Bracket, Powdercoated Powersteering...