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  1. Electronics and Entertainment
    sealed a9l 250 shipped a9l thats missing the screws because i used them on another ecu i sold $225 shipped 89 5.0 mass air engine and injector harness, no o2 harness. it is not perfect, it needs a ring terminal on the ground near ecu and one on the injector harness and has a couple broken clips...
    $250 USD
  2. Electronics and Entertainment
    As the title says looking for fox body mass air computer. a9l , a9p, a3m, etc. PM or text 936 three six six 56 O two.
  3. Electronics and Entertainment
    Looking for an A9P ECU for a engine swap. Thanks.
  4. Electronics and Entertainment
    Hey guys, I recently competed a MAF conversion on my 1988 Thunderbird, but I was sold a bad computer. Can you guys help me out? A9P for a reasonable price, thanks guys!
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    I am doing a Mass air conversion on my 5.0 Thunderbird and need items to complete it. I need an A9P computer and wiring harness. Let me know what you got! Automatic Cars (Calibration code A9P): E9ZZ-12A650-CA E9ZF-12A650-CA F3ZF-12A650-BA See more at: COOL CATS » Celebrating the 1983-88...
  6. EEC Tech
    OK her comes the story! Please read as it may help me diagnose. FROM THE TOP!!! 92 fox 5.0 A9P ecu with bama chip Keep in mind no ECU/check codes ever come up throughout this entire process of trouble shooting. I scanned every time before changing a part and a code never appeared, always...
  7. Electronics and Entertainment
    Need a computer for a AOD 5.0 with mass air ASAP! Please pm me. Thanks Brian :)
  8. Electrical & Wiring
    Borrowed from Long story short...I have a fried A9P in an Automatic Bronco (mass air conversion). It appears to be a burned out SIG RTN circuit issue like many people do when they use the wrong o2 harness (in a mustang) with the wrong computer (by accidentally sending...
  9. Electronics and Entertainment
  10. Electronics and Entertainment
    My Mark with the HO swap has a bum A9P (it won't talk. swapped in a speed density computer I had on hand and that one will give codes, so the wires are fine... this was only to test the wires, the engine was not started with a speed density computer). My gas mileage has also taken a turn for...
  11. Electronics and Entertainment
  12. Electronics and Entertainment
    WANTED: A9P Engine Computer in Good Condition I'm looking for a used A9P ECU out of an 89-93 Fox in good condition. Must come out of a perfectly running vehicle. I've got 100 bucks cash and I'm ready to purchase now. My car has been down for over 6 months and this is one of the things i need to...
  13. Electronics and Entertainment
    i want to buy an a9l, or a9p, or a9s or a9t ecu
  14. Electronics and Entertainment
    A9P Mass Air Computer, works in a 5 speed or auto car, doesnt appear to have ever been chipped or tampered with, came out of a running driving car, $135 SHIPPED AFM PMS Series II SOLD!
1-20 of 22 Results