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  1. Suspension
    Tubular Foxbody A-Arms with SN95 Ends. Extra strong with jacking pads, Good Condition. Both Arms for 120.00 + Shipping text is best 541-292-3800 Paul
  2. Suspension
    As title says I am looking for a tubular k member with tubular a arms and suspension also. Pm me looking to buy soon.
  3. Suspension
    I have 2 sets of A arms for sale: 79-93 Griggs tubular A arms, bushings and ball joints are in good shape, I have new dust boots for the ball joints, $150 obo 94-04 Granatelli tubular A arms, have about 5k miles on them, bushings are new, ball joints are tight, may need new dust boots, $175...
  4. Drivetrain Parts
    Tubular k member and control arm with manual rack for sn95 $350 takes it all. Pm me for ?'s
  5. Suspension
    I am in no rush, Looking for the following things, new or used. I want good condition, no missing parts. I have paypal and cash in hand for the right deal. These parts are in order for their importance. Preferably Maximum Motorsports. Kenny Brown, Team Z, racecraft all also considered. NO DRAG...
  6. General Mustang Tech
    i have a tubular k member in my 88 fox with stock a arms i think its a QA 1 k member but not forsure. with that my front wheels are no longer center in the wheel well. so if i buy fixed position QA1 arms meaning no heim joints will that put my wheel back to center or do i need to buy the heim...
  7. Suspension
    I am looking for a set of 03-04 Cobra Front Control arms to put on my 98. I found a set locally for $150.00 but they may need ball joints. Seeing what else is out there. Thanks...
  8. Suspension
    I have for sale a set of 79-04 Chromoly UPR A-Arms I was going to put them on my car..but I need the money to finish my carburetor swap, so that is the only reason why I am getting rid of them. Looking to get $150 shipped for them. I'll have pictures up shortly...or you can shoot me an email...
1-8 of 8 Results