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  1. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1994-1998
    I'm selling my 98' Cobra, it has a procharger, 50lb injectors, Aviator fuel pump, cat delete, Bassani exhaust, sct tuner, dyno tuned, 458rwhp 412rwtq, Centerfoce clutch, driveshaft loop, Saleen body kit, 18" Saleen style wheels, S351 style spoiler, new C2 boost and fuel press. guages in a...
  2. Drivetrain Parts
    looking to buy an aluminum driveshaft. for 98 cobra. thnx
  3. SVT & DOHC
    I am removing tranny in a 98 cobra with bassani mid length headers, i was told it can be done with out removing them. from what i have gathered up you have to remove the collector and i did that today. Can someone please help on how to move the primary so it will clear, Thanks for any help
  4. 98 Cobra

1-7 of 7 Results