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96-98 cobra
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  1. SVT & DOHC
    96-98 Spark plug covers GROUP BUY! OK folks, I've been looking for a set of billet plug wire covers for my 97 for quite some time now. No Bueno! I'm reaching out to a couple of custom machine shops about doing a small run of these and wanted to see how much serious interest there is in these...
  2. Modular Engine Parts
    Wanting to buy / In search of a C&L cai for a 96-98 cobra. If you have one for sale, have one laying around or know of anyone selling one please let me know. Feel free to respond or send me an email ([email protected]) Thank you,
  3. Power Adders For Sale
    im selling a one of a kind m90 setup for 96-98 cobras or really any B headed 4.6 its a complete kit. the lower is pretty much the bottom half of the 96-98 cobra intake cut and tig welded to mount a m90. come with everything you will need to install fuel rails,coolant crossover,alternator, and...
  4. Power Adders For Sale
    UPDATE 96-98 cobra 2.1 Kenne Bell kit for B heads. FOR SALE 96-98 cobra kenne bell supercharger 1900 obo sct tuner kenne bell cai kb lower intake aluminum imrc's 2 pullies kenne bell 2.1 for B heads everything is in good shape but the head unit will need rebuilt UPDATE now includes 60 lb...
  5. Modular Engine Parts
    I have a set of b-heads for sale. One head is complete with cams and followers the other head is stripped and just has the valves in it. They are in good shape I bought them back in 2007 when I had a good job and my Cobra but things have changed and I have no use for them. Price is $200.00 come...
1-5 of 5 Results