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  1. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1994-1998
    1994 Black SVT Cobra Mustang 55,000 miles on odometer/ 3900 miles on motor/trans Motor-649 RWHP on pump gas/methanol (while maintaining and passing Delaware inspection) Fully Internally Balanced and Blueprinted 331 Stroker 8.7-1 compression Dart SHP Iron Block with 4 bolt mains (ARP Studs) 4340...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    I run a fox set up on my car now so I don't have a need for this anymore. Comes with everything you see in the picture. Let me know if you have any questions or would like some more pics. $175 shipped
  3. Turbochargers
    All drama aside, ie with on3 and the fuel injector issue, the car ran strong. The only mod to the engine is an F cam ( I know I would have been fine with my stock cam but gotta have me some lope!!!) At 9lbs the car made 393hp and 452 ft/lbs of torque. Tuner said he could of squeezed out...
  4. 94/95 Tech
    Just put a on3 turbo kit on my previous stock 94 cobra. Upon first start up, the idle surged badly and never dropped below 1300 rpms. Thinking the tps could be at fault, I checked the voltage and it read 1.34 at idle and around 4.8 at WOT. So I replaced it with one from auto zone. They carry...
  5. 94/95 Tech
    Hey guys, just did a rebuild on my 94 cobra and slapped a turbo on at the same time. New walbro 255 intank, new fuel filter, new kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator, new 60 lb injectors with matching pro-m mass air, also went ahead and had a chip burned for the new setup just for initial...
  6. Turbochargers
    So I'm getting ready to put the motor back in. Its a 94 cobra with an 0n3 turbo kit. Had the motor out for a rebuild and am about ready to put it back in. Ive seen tons of build threads with the motor still in, not necessarily out. I just have a couple of questions on putting her back in...
  7. Rims Wheels and Tires
    if you have some 15" rears, might as well pick them up too if youre selling as a set..but for the most part im looking for 17" fronts to clear brakes on 94 cobra. Thanks Bubby [email protected] 478-447-8707
  8. Wheels and Tires
    What size rim will i need if i want to keep stock cobra brakes and clear the big rotors and calipers..i prefer not to do any grinding on calipers but still want a skinny on there..thanks corral
  9. Completed Sales
    *****Car is Sold***** ***Updated 9/10/11*** My car is back up for sale, for real this time. All information has been updated below: 1994 Mustang Cobra White / Black Leather ~82000 original miles Modifications: Suspension: Front: Griggs Racing Tubular K-Member Maximum Motorsports...
1-9 of 10 Results