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  1. Fuel System & Related
    70mm BBK Throttle Body SOLD 70mm throttle body with 70mm spacer everything needed to install, including gaskets $120.
  2. Fuel System & Related
    stroked the motor and went bigger. I take care of my stuff and this MAF looks great and works just fine. Regularly cleaned, carefully, with electronics spray. According to Pro-M, you can safely make 380hp with this diameter MAF. Combine it with the original 1993 Cobra 24lb injectors (see other...
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    86-93 BBK/Edelbrock 70mm throttle body for sale. Works great, supported 350rwhp/400rwtq on a NA 331. I have 2 used but good condition 70mm gaskets I can throw in the deal as well. SOLD
  4. Fuel System & Related
    BBK power plus 70mm TB PN: 1523 Ideal for the 94-95 5.0l mustang In great shape. Includes throttle position sensor and idle air control motor. GONE AND GONE. SOLD LOCALLY. THANKS CORRAL!
  5. Fuel System & Related
    This is a mass air meter that went on the 94-95 mustang gt so it is set for 19lb. injectors. This will fit 87-93 mustangs also. That is what I had it on and it worked flawless. This will also include an adapter to run a conical air filter on it. $27.00 shipped, paypal. SOLD Thanks for looking.
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    BBK Edlebrock 70mm throttle body. Includes IAC and TPS sensors. Removed from my fox body when i sold the car last year. $125 shipped
  7. Modular Engine Parts
    70MM Looking for Accufab but will take other offers
  8. Modular Engine Parts
    My buddy found these in a box in his garage and asked if I could unload then for him.....he says they are from a 01GT he wants 200 OBO, they each sell new for over 200 a piece. $200 price includes shipping! Anything less shipping is extra. Also includes the MAF sensor if needed!
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    Hello all, I'm looking to buy a 70mm throttle body from an 86 to 93 Mustang. I am willing to travel within two hours of Columbus, OH to meet and pick it up. I will pay cash. I'm looking for a decent quality/decent price, I don't need a top-end part, since this is just for Phase 2 of at least 3...
  10. Power Adders For Sale
    The Nitrous works Dual Stage 260hp 70mm EFI Mustang wet kit complete with 10lbs bottle -4 feed line and fuel rail fitting for tapping into fuel rail. Will take 375.00 shipped. Kit works very well. You'll need to add your own microswitch and relays. Prefer PayPal. Can send pics if needed...PM if...
  11. Windsor Engine Parts
    SOLD Edelbrock Mustang 5.0L Throttle Body part# 3825 Edelbrock EGR Plate part# 3828 70mm 1986-93 Mustang 5.0L Brand new in the box! $225 shipped
  12. Fuel System & Related
    These items are out of a 94 Cobra Set of 8 24LB Cobra Injectors, they have quite a few miles on them, not sure if they need to be cleaned or not, Im sure it wouldnt hurt, car ran rough, but I dont think the injectors were the cause though, $66 SHIPPED! 94-95 70mm Cobra MAF SOLD!
  13. Windsor Engine Parts
    70 mm BBK powerplus Throttle body. Great condition. 87-93 Foxbody carb id d-215-18 This is for the throttle body hardware or TPS. $105.00 including shipping via UPS. Tracking number provided to buyer upon shipment. paypal or money orders only message me for pics....i'm not...
  14. Windsor Engine Parts
    Please reply, PM, or send an e-mail to nick_santiago at if you have any questions. Prices do not include shipping. Thanks! $35 EACH SHIPPED Made these myself. I was only going to make one but it was more cost effective to make a few and sell the ones I wasn't going to use. It...
1-20 of 23 Results