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  1. General Mustang Tech
    Wondering if anyone is interested in seeing a how-to on successfully installing Aerospace Components ("AC") front and rear street disc kits, along with a 5-lug conversion on my Fox Body. This is not the "standard" conversion. It is a hybrid , because the brakes are not Ford. I had a good bit...
  2. Rims Wheels and Tires
    I have a set up 17" silver/machined wheels n tires Just like the ones on my Saleen in my profile pic. Tires are decent you could ride on them they hold air and have some tread 2 are better than ok. $200 plus shipping for all 4 w tires. I also have a set of 5-lug 16 2004 pony wheels silver...
  3. Suspension
    Upgrade your SN95 or convert your Fox w/ this hardware: $115 shipped: 13" Cobra rotors 1- original M-2300 vented Brembo, freshly turned (out of production) 1- brand new vented Wagner (direct replacement brand) SOLD: Bullitt/Motorsport front...
  4. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1987-1993
    Wanted: 92-93 Notchback / Coupe with 5-lug and Cobra brakes Hi guys, looking for an 92-93 LX 5.0 Notchback / Coupe. Must have 5-spd, 5-lug conversion, Cobra brakes, EFI and AC. Please no verts, GT's, hatchbacks, or 4-cyl conversion cars. Low miles are a plus also. Please only PM me what...
  5. General Mustang Tech
    When pulling driver's side axles out of Rangers for 5-Lug Axles.. What years will work and will Aerostar van axles work?? Does it have to be 2WD or 4WD?
1-8 of 8 Results