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  1. Drivetrain Parts
    I am looking to swap to an auto from a manual and am in need of a 4r70w wiring harness and an auto computer. PM me if you have these parts and how much you want for them. I have a 2000 GT.
  2. Drivetrain Parts
    I am looking to swap in a 4r70w or 4r75w transmission in my 2000 GT. I currently have a T-45. I am looking for everything but the transmission so I can do this swap. I don't want to pay for shipping on the tranny but if you have a low mileage one let me know. -Flexplate -Converter -Shifter...
  3. General Mustang Tech
    ok so as most know, my 95 has a 2001 4R70W in it with 95 electronics and tailshaft housing. I used a FMS Aluminum Driveshaft with the yoke that comes with it. my main problem is the output shaft has a huge wobble in it and i lose fluid out the back of the trans. i can drive the car short...
  4. Six Shooter
    Hi guys, Long story short I have my car 80 miles south of my college campus at my friend’s parents house and I would like to get it back asap! So I ran into trouble with my T5 swap it took me 2 days to get the 4r70w (auto) out of my 1998 v6 stang. All the parts I have for the swap are from a...
  5. Drivetrain Parts
    B&M Deep Pan for AOD, 4R70W & AODE Transmissions. Adds 3 extra quart capacity, has cooling fins, and drain plug. $125 SHIPPED
  6. General Mustang Tech
    Here are the beginning pics of the conversion. Before I started, I realized that not only was I missing the shifter cable bracket that mounts on the tranny...but one of the mounting pads had been cut off on an angle...WTF! I won't complain too much as I got a killer deal on the entire setup...
  7. Drivetrain Parts
    I have a 4r70w. It is a fully functioning stock transmission. It comes with the torque converter. I would like to get 450 plus shipping and I am open to offers. I would like to get rid of this fast. let me know i can get shipping quotes
  8. Drivetrain Parts
    4R70W Transmission from '98 Mustang. Approx 35k miles. Works great, comes with torque converter. Did a T-45 swap six years ago and I am tired of tripping over this thing. $350 plus half shipping.
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