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  1. Superchargers
    I have a 2002 Mustang GT 5 speed, and I want to put in a supercharger. The issue is that I live in CA so I don't have lots of options. So far this Procharger is the best bang for my buck, pushes up to 442 hp. I am a bit skeptical about how much hp the engine can handle, some say 400hp others say...
  2. GT & SOHC
    Just finished replacing all the head gaskets on my 97 mustang gt 4.6 soch. But now when i try to start the car it starts and then dies if i push the gas pedal it will stay alive but it won’t rev right away and won’t stay consistent at high revs it will climb then drop then climb then drop and if...
  3. GT & SOHC
    hi so I recently did a 2007 crown Vic swap into my 96 gt the car will fire right up at the crank but once it reaches operating temp it will drop in rpm from 2k all the way down to bouncing up from right below 1k it sounds like it has a massive vacuum leak almost like 2 giant cams there is a...
  4. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1999-2004
    Up for sale I have a 2001 Zinc yellow convertible, 5 spd, 26k original miles. I am the third owner. It has an intake, throttle body, flowmaster exhaust, lowering springs, sitting on OEM Saleen rims and new nitto tires, approx. 500 miles on them, and had a fresh oil change about a month ago. It’s...
    $16,500 USD
  5. SVT & DOHC
    Okay so I have a 97 cobra it had a rod tapping in it. Engine is on stand now. I have a sohc 4.6 from a 98 GT sitting here also, my plan was to strip down the GT engine put the Cobra dressings on it and slap it back in the car. Figured it would last a while and be fine. After looking into...
  6. Nitrous
    I've got an 07 Grand Marquis with some performance mods and I have a nitrous outlet dry kit I'm going to be installing soon. Bought NGK TR6 plugs and MSD coils to go with it. Wondering what would be a good gap on the plugs for daily driving and only using the nitrous a couple times a month. I...
  7. GT & SOHC
    I'm rebuilding a 1997 Mustang GT and did a full engine swap. I'm at the point where the CCRM will communicate with the PCM. If I turn the key the dash lights up, but when I turn the key nothing happens. I've got one wire coming off the starter solenoid and it's yellow. It appears to be the...
  8. GT & SOHC
    1997 mustang gt 4.6 with a t45 transmission and a 03 flywheel and 03 clutch. I do have a aftermarket firewall adjuster and I’m installing a new power torque clutch cable to see if that’s the issue. I blew first gear so I had to switch my tranny and After installing a new clutch and tranny it...
  9. GT & SOHC
    So out of all of the 2v,3v and 4vs 4.6 and 5.4 which is the easiest to make power
  10. GT & SOHC
    Is there anyway to remove the transmission harness from a 2003 mustang gt without pulling the transmission it is a tr-3650 transmission
  11. GT & SOHC
    Just got brand new engine installed and plugged in. Fired it up and ran fine for about 5 minutes, the RPMs dropped extremely slow when I touched the throttle. Then after about 10 minutes the "check engine" light came on. I tried plugging in my code reader and all it said was that there was an...
  12. Engine Management Systems
    I have a 99 Mustang Gt and I just got this brand new engine with PI Heads, there are two holes on the inner sides of the heads that I have no clue what goes there. Original thought was that knock sensors go there, but only the Dual Cam engine has/requires those. Anyone know what goes here?
  13. Drivetrain
    Hey all, Looks like I either lost my account or never actually had one here. Now lets get into it my car stock came with the t45 recently I have swapped this trans for the 4r70w along with harness and all mechanically i'm good i'm just wondering if electrically I can put an Auto ecm and run it...
  14. GT & SOHC
    I have a 96 mustang GT with a new edge Romeo swap. I am thinking about possible builds for the future. And i am settling on a helion twin turbo kit. And I want to rev it out to 8k. I am aware of the limitations of stock internals. I am completely rebuilding the engine. What I am not sure of is...
  15. GT & SOHC
    So I decided to do the whole pi swap thing. Did everything by the book and such. Put it back in the car and started cranking the engine. I didnt see any raise in oil pressure. After cranking 3 or 4 times for a couple seconds a squeak started. I thought it was the cam caps initially but its...
  16. Superchargers
    Hello to everyone I am new in this site I want to ask about install smaller vortech pulley what is necessary to change beside the supercharger pulley , I am looking for 25 psi of boost
  17. Drivetrain Parts
    4r70w 3200 stall torque converter I have new in the box 3200 stall edge torque converter never installed. asking $550.00 Both are for 4r 70w.
  18. Modular Engine Parts
    Livernois PI Intake 4.6 2 valve Manifold kit for Non PI heads adaptor plates CNC Machined port matched. $450.00 This kit is awesome makes big power and fits under the Strut brace.
  19. Modular Engine Parts
    4.6 Timing Cover (02GT)- $75 P.I. Cams (02GT)- $50 I will sell both together for $100.
  20. GT & SOHC
    So I just finished my P.I. swap in my 97 and went with Bullet Stage 2 cams and went with an O/R mid pipe. When I cold start my car it holds an idle but once its warmed up and put in park the RPMs drop and the car stalls out. I had my car tuned before the swap so I'm wondering if I just need a...
1-20 of 20 Results