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  1. Member Build-Up Projects
    I'm going to start documenting my build here and on a FB group related to foxbody mustangs. The background; I purchased my 1992 mustang back in 1997 or so and drove it as my daily for a few years. It went through a few combos over the years until I parked it and decided to get crazy with it...
  2. Modular Engine Parts
    Hoping to find one that hasn't been grinded on or anything. Looking for the upper and lower set. Using on a 363 build by Fordstrokers. Send me pics of what you got. Thank you
  3. Turbochargers
    I am working on timing tables on Holley EFI for my 93 octane running turbo 363. It has higher compression than the usual power adder cars but definitely not the first. RHS 210 pro series heads, FTI turbo cam, victor Jr. intake. Running 3922XP plugs. running 93/112 mix but want to get it on 93...
  4. Member Build-Up Projects
    I have a 87 Gt with a 93 Gt motor and transmission. I`m buying a Dart 363 Bare block and i`m looking for suggestion and ideas on which parts can get me to my goal of around 600-700 rwhp daily driver (ex. cam, pistons....) also a good trans combo for this
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    Hey guys thanks for looking, I have a 1992 LX notch that i have a first gen hellion turbo kit on... The motor is stock and can't handle much more... on 6psi i'm making 383rwhp and on 12psi 451rwhp... Since their is no point doing anything to the motor cause I'll push it over the edge i'm...
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have for sale a New set of Lunati H Beam Rods. Changed directions with my build. My loss your gain. Specs Listed below. They are $425 to your door. NIB! Length: 5.4" Journals: 2.0 Pin: .927 Bolts: ARP 187,000 lbs
  7. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have been reading the last 3 days to determine the right combo before i place all my orders but i was hoping some experienced members could critique my list. Its a 95 GT and am starting on a crate 363 install over the winter. The car is a DD with limited track time and wont see over 6500rpm...
  8. Advertiser's Showcase
    The Screaming Eagle, Part 2 WE TOP OFF OUR SHORTBLOCK WITH GOODNESS FROM EDELBROCK, COMP, SCE AND ARP Two months ago, you read about our Coast High Performance Pro Street 363-cube shortblock being put together by the good folks over at CHP. This month, we head back over to their assembly...
  9. Advertiser's Showcase
    The Screaming Eagle, Part 1 of 2 - RACE PAGES AUGUST 2009 We follow along as Coast High Performance Assembles one of their Pro-Street Shortblocks for “WARHORSE” *Click here to view full article online with imagery and descriptions In the world of small-block Fords, there are a...