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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have this 1992 351w block with cylinder heads and cam shaft all in good condition. I was going to use it for a build but things happen. Block has a little surface rust but it’s in good condition. Had 97000 miles when pulled. I need it gone asp need the money.
    $500 USD
  2. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Anyone know the limitations of a stock 351W roller truck block with 2 bolt mains? Max RPMs? I know it was popular to take roller 351W blocks, slap a pair of 4V Cleveland heads on them and rev them to the moon, I just dont know how long it’ll last.
  3. Windsor Engine Parts
    I took a block on trade and don't have time to mess with building a car. So here's the specs: Square decked to 9.502" Bored/honed to 4.145" bores (honed for AP Steel rings) 2.75" mains (4 bolt center three caps) Standard cam tunnel Standard lifter bores Dart Babbitt cam bearings Ready to...
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have a reman 351w block for sale; has been bored .040 over. Previous owner took heads off and left underneath a covered porch; you will need to spend some time cleaning up the surface rust off the cylinder walls. Block has been torn down to bare bones; I spent time on one cylinder to get rid...
  5. Windsor Engine Parts
    Bought this motor several months ago to do a stroker project. Found it on Space Coast Craigslist. It was a seized motor. I disassembled it all by myself (minus seized piston). Trashed all the guts and external parts shortly after. Block has been cleaned, coated to prevent rust while...
1-5 of 5 Results