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  1. 351C/Big Block Engine Tech
    I’ve got a 351c with 4v iron closed chamber heads with stainless steel valves, the bottom end came back from the machine shop with all new bearings (standard clearance and 11:1 pistons. Bored 60 over (block was sonic tested and the guys said it could safely be bored another 60 over so I’m not...
  2. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hi Corral, I am looking to build a bang for buck windsor to replace my tired 302 in my 94 cobra. Not looking for a track car, just a really fast daily. Affording machining, rotating assemblies, and aluminum heads for a windsor stroker seemed a bit steep. The clevor had come up as a viable...
  3. 351C/BBF Parts
    I have for sale a very clean (like new) Edelbrock Torker intake. It has been cleaned and the mating surfaces polished. Prepped it to put on my motor before deciding to go tunnel ram. All the hard work is done you just have to install and haul @$$! I was asking $195 plus shipping. New...
  4. 351C/BBF Parts
    Brand new unused set of light weight aluminum Superods for a 351 Cleveland. Small block Chev. journal, stock Cleveland length & piston pin size. $450 plus shipping. [email protected]
  5. 351C/BBF Parts
    5994 bottom 1916 top (4150) The Dominator top is sold... Currently apart and being blasted. Will be as good as new! I'll also update pics as soon as it returns. Will need new gaskets between upper and lower. $300 shipped
  6. 351C/Big Block Engine Tech
    I have a 408c with 2v heads, 750 cfm carb. I currently have a comp cams xe284h installed, but I want to change the direction of the project. I am looking for a more street friendly camshaft. I am thinking a xe262h. I would like to stick with comp cams. What do you guys think? Any help is much...
  7. 351C/BBF Parts
    Crower P/N 15481 Mechanical Roller Ford - 351C, 351M & 400 Performance level 5 - Ultra-Action - High torque oval track profile. INT/EXH - Dur @ .050” Lift: 252°/260° RR: 1.73/1.73 Gross Lift: .645”/.626” LSA: 106° RPM: 3000 to 7000 Redline: 7500 It came from a motor I bought and don't need...
  8. 351C/BBF Parts
    Crower 3/8 Diameter Pushrods 8.550" Length Used on Ford 429-460ci, C3 Yates heads on 351 Clevelands, and I believe a few Mopars... All in great condition but don't need... Can send picks upon request. $50 + the ride
  9. 351C/BBF Parts
    #31127 w/ Pickup Tube (Oil Pump Not Included) Pan Capacity is 7 Quarts Plus Filter - 6 1/2" Front, 4 5/8" Center, 8 1/4" Rear, 8" Sump Length Threw a rod and hit the pan, but was repaired Only issue is the cosmetic looks... $250 Shipped
  10. 351C/BBF Parts
    ARP 154-3604 Cylinder Head Bolts, High Performance, Hex Head, Ford, 351C, 351M, 400, Kit Used once... I really don't think there is even a scratch on them; will need to relook. Can send pics upon request. $65 will get them to you... Fees and Shipping included!! Thank you. 214.206.6384
  11. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1979-1986
    This is actually an '83 with the newer style conversion done back in the late '90s when it was cool. The paint is about 15 years old, so it does have a few scratches here and there, some war wounds, but no dents. The car has always been kept in the garage. I've ran it couple times this year...
  12. 351C/Big Block Engine Tech
    Is there an aftermarket alternator bracket that works with an electric water pump?
  13. 351C/BBF Parts
    18 1/2'' 5-Blade Flex Fan This is an ORIGINAL FORD FAN. Removed from a 71 Torino 351C 4V With Factory Air Conditioning. .. ..... The Fan is in Excellent Condition. The Fan is Very Straight, No Dents, or Dings. Nice Mounting Holes. NO Damage. . Overall a Nice, Original Fan. The spacer has been...
  14. 351C/BBF Parts
    351c Gardner-Wescott Valve Cover Bolts. S.S. Ford Oval Emblem They came in my dress up kit for my Cleveland, but I have aluminum valve covers, so they are not long enough. $10 + $6 shipping
  15. 351C/BBF Parts
    1970 Cleveland 4V Closed chamber heads DOAE 4V Closed Chamber heads, all new componets, here's the list: Everything new! Magnafluxed 3 angle valve job Ferrea 5000 series Stainless Valves 2.19 Intake 1.71 exhaust New Guides, New valve seals Hardened seats installed Machined for Screw in Studs...
  16. 351C/Big Block Engine Tech
    i got this engine from my neighbor it is a complete 351c 4v with closed chamber heads its out of a 70 mustang. my neighbors son had this engine in his mustang in the early 70's until it got rearended and the car had to be scrapped so he pulled the engine and saved it. the car was super low...
1-16 of 16 Results