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  1. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have for sale my 331 short block. It's the same engine used in my Signature. Specs are.. 1971 302 Mexican Block (studded, main girdle, poured) Ross nitrous flat top pistons Scat 4340 Steel Crank Scat HBeam 5.4 Rods King Bearings Durabond balancer Brass Freeze Plugs Double Roller Timing Chain...
  2. Windsor Engine Parts
    I have for sale a New set of Lunati H Beam Rods. Changed directions with my build. My loss your gain. Specs Listed below. They are $425 to your door. NIB! Length: 5.4" Journals: 2.0 Pin: .927 Bolts: ARP 187,000 lbs
  3. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have a set of 1338 AFR heads on my 331 stroke with an anderson n-91 cam and was wondering if anyone has an kit part number for me from summit or someone.. I had just ordered this kit but the locks aren't locking on my valves??? Lunati 73925K1 - Lunati Voodoo Valve Spring and Retainer Kits -...
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    Low Mileage 331 Complete Pull Out Low Mileage Stock Block 331 Stroke Complete Pull Out For Sale: $4000 for complete pullout(motor, radiator, wiring harness, and pcm)-$3500 for longblock-$2000 for shortblock Contact me at 803-221-2642 Also I'm located in South Carolina and Motor is Still in car...
  5. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Preface: This is a motor for a '90 Bronco...It's not for a mustang. You guys are the professionals though, and that is what I need right now. Bear with me...I have a few questions bundled into 1 thread. I just built a 306 for my truck. This is what I've got: Mass Air Conversion (A9P)...truck...
  6. Drag Racing
    Figured Out! *Delete
  7. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I'm getting ready to come together with my 331 stroker and need some help on a cam for good 90% Street Driving and 10% 1/4 Drag Racing. Specs on 331: Stock XXX Block bored 30 over Eagle 331 Rotating Assembly I Beam Rods Victor 5.0 Afr 185cc's (58cc) Flat Top with 2 Valve Relief- Forged Looking...
  8. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Hello all. had my mustang for 12 years, just got a 12k new body, 7500$ hail damage done last year. Drove car for 40km after waiting for a year to get back from autobody shop, and car started leakin antifreeze, took apart and head bolt boss area is cracked above oil filter location...
  9. Windsor Engine Parts
    Brand new R302 Block and all forged rotating assembly. Will include Moroso pan for free with the R302 package. Item(s) are located in Huntsville, AL and my email address is [email protected] Reason for sale is I'm trying to generate funds to purchase another Hayabusa. Thanks, Dan
  10. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Installed the Crower billet connecting rods in my 331 motor but cannot find the proper torque value for the bolts. They are Crower bolts with H1315A stamped on the head of each bolt. Anybody have the recommended torque value of these bolts? The bolts look to be 7/16". Thanks.
  11. Windsor Engine Parts
    Im selling a complete motor. Its a 331 built by DSS. Its a SPORTSMAN B50 block with all forged internals and blower ready. Forged 4340 crank, Forged I beam rods, Probe forged pistons, DSS Main Girdle, DSS Windage Tray, Internally Balanced, AFR 185 Heads, FMS 1.6 Roller Rockers, Comp Cams XE274HR...
  12. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1987-1993
    Im finally breaking down and parting ways with my 91 Mustang Sedan. Car has put down 578 hp 564 tq on mustang load bearing dyno. Best time of 10.1 @138 pedaling down the track. I have videos of car as well. Invested at least 30k into car. Few flaws in the car are nickel sized ding on driver...
  13. Electronics and Entertainment
    Up for sale is my sds injection computer system from western motorsports. System is stand alone. System doesn't use a mass air(map sensor). Has a low impedance injector driver. Was going to use this system on a 342 with a procharger p1sc. System is brand new and never used it. Only reason for...
  14. Windsor Engine Parts
    I'm looking for a budget build setup. if possible a setup able to run boost. 331-337 kits please. i also have some stock fox parts to barter also with cash. :salute:
  15. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1987-1993
    I have a 1993 originally a 5speed/4banger base car. no power windows/locks. the car is currently not running, and has never been fired yet. The motor and tranny are in the car but it's lacking a few things to finish install. I have 99% of the parts to finish as well. I'll get some pictures up...
  16. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    EDIT: Car is for street and will be driven regularly, it may see the drag strip once or twice over the summer but is not being built for the strip I know every little thing related to 347s has been beaten to death on these forums already...but ive got more! Im looking to start building my...
  17. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1994-1998
    looking for a GT/LX/COBRA in Pennsylvania Maryland New Jersey area!!! message me with what you got and pictures. thanks
21-38 of 65 Results