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3 valve

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    ive got a complete three valve 4.6 with 5 speed tranny all accesories exhaust driveshaft out of a 2008 mustang gt with 13000 miles was going to put it in a 96 coupe then i bought a 01 cobra i am know not in need of this set up i am in search of a supercharger complete kit i will sell for 3750 or...
  2. Modular Engine Parts
    Comp Cams/JDM Eng Three valve custom grinds for sale. Info on cams from Comp Cams Lift 535/550 Duration @.050 229/236 LSA 116 Int Centerline 110 These cams are over $700 new and have less than 500 miles. These cams require valve springs and phasers. $ 400