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  1. Fuel System & Related
    SOLD: 76mm C&L MAF for 24lb injectors stroked the motor and went bigger. I take care of my stuff and this MAF looks great and works just fine. Regularly cleaned, carefully, with electronics spray. According to Pro-M, you can safely make 650hp with this diameter MAF. Combine it with the...
  2. Fuel System & Related
    SOLD: ORIGINAL 1993 Cobra 24lb injectors, great condition. stroked the motor and went bigger. I take care of my stuff and these look great and work just fine. They were put into a zip-lock baggie while still wet so they wouldn't dry-out. According to Pro-M, you can safely make 426HP NA, 329HP...
  3. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Ok guys, Im not sure this is the right section but i'll give it a whirl anyways. I have done a fair amount of research and am getting mixed signals and a little confused to be honest. I'll try to give as much info as possible so hopefully you guys don't have to do much searching. I'm looking...
  4. Fuel System & Related
    I have some fuel rails and 24# injectors for sale. I'd love to keep these rails, they worked great but I got an edlebrock intake and they won't fit it. Asking $100 for rails and $75 for injectors, shipped. Chris, 843-297-2244
  5. Fuel System & Related
    Rebuilt professionally. never ran text me for any questions 714-496-7154, cause i am not on this website much
  6. Windsor Engine Parts
    They were professionally rebuilt and never ran. Im asking $80 Text me for any questions 714-496-7154.. i dont check this forum often.
  7. Fuel System & Related
    I bought these here from kennethrisher and never installed them. I'm parting out the vehicle they were meant for and thought I'd post these back where I got them. $115 shipped, paypal as a gift or $125. paypal is [email protected] Should be obvious but there are eight of them.
  8. Fuel System & Related
    Ford Blue Top 24LB Injectors & C&L/Vortech 73mm MAF SOLD! Fox Fuel Rails no longer for sale Fox Billet Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, No longer for sale got left outside on the rails, and rained on, it's probably fine, but I dont want to chance it. This was all removed from a...
  9. Fuel System & Related
    For sale, rebuilt fuel injectors, never used after they were reassembled. Don't need them anymore. Will trade these + cash for 36lb fuel injectors.
  10. Fuel System & Related
    MAF to Throttle Body Inlet Pipe for 89-93, or mass air converted 86-87 cars, might work on an SN95 to fox throttle body conversion as well. Includes clamps. $20 SHIPPED! Injectors sold!
  11. Fuel System & Related
    These items are out of a 94 Cobra Set of 8 24LB Cobra Injectors, they have quite a few miles on them, not sure if they need to be cleaned or not, Im sure it wouldnt hurt, car ran rough, but I dont think the injectors were the cause though, $66 SHIPPED! 94-95 70mm Cobra MAF SOLD!
  12. Fuel System & Related
    C&L/Vortech 80mm MAF w/ Sample Tube for 30LB Injectors (can swap injector size with different sampling tube from C&L), with Ford MAF electronics, Home Made Large Smooth Elbow CAI, Big K&N Filter $100 shipped Pro M 75mm SOLD!
  13. Electronics and Entertainment
    Pro M Plastic 75mm Bullet MAF SOLD! C&L 80mm MAF w/ Sample Tube for 30LB Injectors, with Ford MAF electronics, Home Made Smooth Elbow CAI, Big K&N Cone Filter, (everything is larger than the sissy stock stuff), car ran good even on stock tune with this setup, $100 shipped for everything
  14. Fuel System & Related
    MAF and 24lb injectors (8) for sn95 302 upgrade. let me know what you got guys. shoot a pm
  15. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    I have a 94 Cobra that I'm putting fully ported GT40s on with a Tmoss ported Cobra intake. I have a Crane cam with .529 .544 lift 220 226 duration. 70mm TB etc etc. I have a 75mm Pro-m mass air calibrated for 30lb injectors and 30lb injectors. Does anyone think this are to large. As you know...
  16. Fuel System & Related
    Used, but good condition about 12,000 miles Ford Motorsports 24Lb Injectors - $100 about 6000 miles: Ford Motorsports 30Lb Injectors - $125 Pro-M Mass Air Sensor - 70MM 30lb calibrations - $100 Email: [email protected] or call 858.880.1016
1-20 of 26 Results