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  1. S197 Mustang (2005-2010)
    Hello, as the tittle says I've got a V6 2005 Mustang. My thermostat housing blew and shot out all my coolant. I pulled over towed my car somewhere safe and replaced the thermostat housing. Unfortunately, on the way home it still had issues that lead me to believe that I had blown a head gasket...
  2. S197 Mustang (2005-2010)
    im having and issue with high fuel pressure on my 05 v6 mustang some times it is at 50 psi most times 62-67 psi, check frps with a mechanical gauge wich the gauge was 8 psi under ive read that is normal, in key on engine off the pressures were exactly the same . went to do a continuity test for...
  3. GT & SOHC
    Ok guys I have a 2005 Mustang GT with a ProCharger Set up in shop. It originally came in with a fuel pressure issue, we upgraded to the GT500 fuel pump set up and it got rid of the fuel pressure issue but in turn revealed another issue all together. Returned the car back to stock, removed...
  4. Drivetrain Parts
    Just like the title says, $200 shipped in the US. Or welcome to pick it up in broken arrow, ok. Text 918-693 six six five one if interested
  5. S197 and Coyote Parts
    ive got a set of front lines from stoptech. brand new in box. only opened to see they were the wrong ones for my application. they are stoptech 950.61003 and fit 2005-2009 stangs. sorry i havent got any pics to post but here is a link:
  6. Modular Engine Parts
    Looking for a replacement for my 2007 GT block. I already have a Teksid block but would not only have the same block my car came with. But I think it will be cheaper in the end anyway.
  7. The Body Shop
    Hey guys, I was sad to let my 95 GTS go but I just bought a 2005 GT in Torch Red and I couldn't be more excited. However the paint needs just a little bit of help. It has some water spots that aren't coming off with washing and it looks a little dull in direct sunlight. I'm wondering what...
  8. New Guerin GTS

    New Guerin GTS Ford Mustang is to be released nation wide spring 2008
  9. 2006 Mustang GT

    2006 Mustang GT, red/red interior, every option except auto trans
  10. Wish i could own it

    Its going for 30 thousand dollars for this beauty. I am sure it only has a 4.6 liter though. THis has 350 hp to the wheels and a seemless strip job. GPS, Satilite radio, and check out ebay for more.
1-11 of 15 Results