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  1. 94/95 Tech
    Hello, I have a 1994 ford mustang gt, and it has a parasitic power draw of .075 amps. I am not an expert mechanic, so please understand why what I have done so far could be ridiculous. I traced the power draw to fuse #8 under the I/P panel using a voltmeter. Next, I began unplugging all items...
  2. The Body Shop
    Hey corral. My 95 GT unfortunately need a new front bumper support and it also needs the shock absorbers. Im interested in getting the tubular FTR bumper support and have read on it. My question is does the support bolt onto the shock absorber or do you remove the shock absorbers and bolt onto...
  3. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1994-1998
    ISO 1994-1995 roller body or car in need of TLC. preferably in the Western MD area, but willing to travel. Car can be auto or manual. v6 or v8. please comment with what you have and price. Thanks!
  4. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking for a gasket set for 95 Roush stage 3 . Intake.
  5. Miscellaneous Mustang Parts
    Looking for a gasket set for 95 Roush stage 3 . Intake.
  6. General Mustang Tech
    Hello, I'm new to these forums, but have searched around and I can't really find an answer anywhere. My headlights don't turn on when I pull the headlight knob out all the way. However, if I fiddle with the knob and push it in a little bit they will switch on. Then after driving around and...
  7. Turbochargers
    Hi, first time posting but I've been using this site to my advantage for a long time now, I've got a few questions... I'm pretty new to Turbochargers and I've come across what I've believe to be a good deal. A turbonetics t76 Turbo charger with a complete boost brothers kit for my year mustang...
  8. Windsor Engine Parts
    Looking for a 94-95 Cobra upper & lower. Planning on polishing it so paint condition really isn't a concern of mine. Would like one that has not needed any repairs. Hoping to get a reasonably priced set. PM me if you are letting one go and let me know what you are hoping to get for it...
  9. 5.0/5.8 Engine Tech
    Was wondering if this would fit in my current car, would like to do this sometime in the near future so I am trying to figure out a more modern engine I would be able to fit in. Ford Racing M-6007-M50B Ford Racing M-6007-M50B Ford Racing Crate Engines Let me know if this would work or if...
  10. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1994-1998
  11. 94/95 Tech
    Let me start off by saying thank you and I apologize if this has been answered before or some where else in the forum. Feel free to tell me where to go, as so many have in the past. Ok, so here is what's going on. I have done several mods over the last few years. Those include 24# injectors...
  12. General Mustang Tech
    Hey guys, I have been trying to figure this problem out for a week now and no one seems to have the same issue. My clutch pedal starts out just fine in the morning no creaking, works wonderful. Then after a little bit of driving through town the pedal starts to creak when pushing it down and on...
  13. Mustangs For Sale/Wanted, 1994-1998
    Looking for a white or black 94-95 Cobra, something with sub 130k miles. Stock, lightly modded, or real mods wouldnt be bad if the price is right. Im NOT looking to buy a 10 thousand dollar+ 20 year old Cobra though. I have missed a couple deals on some, and found some deals on red ones, but...
  14. Electronics and Entertainment
    i have a 1994 mustang pcm. Part number is F4VF-12A650-CA this pcm came from a former Bob Bondurant mustang. this is a 60 pin EEC-IV PCM in very good condition. email me for pics price is 150.00 including shipping to the lower 48
  15. 94/95 Tech
    I have a 1995 GT automatic that has been giving me troubles every since I installed the engine after getting it rebuilt. The biggest problems seemed to be stalling and missing (was just stalling now missing and stalling and cruise control). It has been missing badly (I'm talking kickin' and...
  16. Wheels and Tires
    I picked up Eibach/Cjponyparts sportline springs and 2000 Cobra R replica wheels with 275/40 R18 tires on all four wheels... ALL for dirt cheap... I have searched between here, sn95forum and SVTP and have seen a decent bit of pictures to see the various tire sizes on 18's on the front but I...
1-17 of 40 Results