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  1. 94/95 Tech
    Ok so for starters I have a 95 mustang cobra with a on3 turbo kit. For a while now the car has basically been undrivable at speeds due to timing being retarded starting from about 1800 rpm and progressively getting worse till around 4krpm. This issue is still present whether the spout connector...
  2. 94/95 Tech
    I’m fairly new to mustangs so I need some clarity on stuff. I’ve got a 1995 Mustang GT manual (t5) that I purchased almost a year ago. The whole car has been molested by previous owners and I’ve been trying to get everything working again just to be able to drive it more than 5-10 miles...
  3. 94/95 Tech
    Hey everyone. I've finally gotten around to doing an Explorer intake swap on my 95 GT and have a few questions. I know I need to get an elbow adapter(I plan on picking one up off an Explorer from the junkyard along with throttle body) but I need to know the size of the studs that connect the...
1-3 of 3 Results